The Fast Travel feature in Dying Light

How to use fast travel in Dying Light [PS4 - ONE - PC]


How to quickly move from one part of the map to another.

The Fast Travel feature in Dying Light

After completing the Dying Light story you can use the fast travel to move quickly in all the main areas of the game (Slums, Old Town, Antenna).

This can be very useful for researching collectibles and for completing all side missions. The strange thing is that the game makes no reference to the fast travel feature, much less explains how to use it.

To use fast travel, you need to go to your bedroom in the tower. Here you will find a poster on the wall that allows you to travel to the other map. To reach the antenna area you need to use the north door of the Slums or the sewer entrance north of the Old Town. If you want you can also go back to the sewers, the access points are marked on the map and are the same used during the story missions. Here is a video that shows everything well

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