The Last of Us Part 2: we discover the events in chronological order

Before continuing with the article, we would like to remind you that the text contains major spoilers on the plot of The Last of Us Part 2, and that it could therefore undermine the experience of those who have not yet fully completed the game's campaign. 

Unlike the first chapter patented by N, The Last of Us Part 2 offers a slightly more intricate narrative, which at different points is structured on very distinct timelines, often presenting intersections between the events that touch Ellie ed Abby. There is also no shortage of historical hints prior to Joel's death, which are consequently essential to fully understand the narrative brought into play by the developer. To put all the pieces in order, we have rearranged all the main events, thus proposing to you the screenplay of The Last of Us Part 2 in chronological order.

After the end of the first The Last of Us, the fate of Abby takes an unexpected turn, as the character discovers that Joel killed his father, not allowing him to patent a cure for the Cordyceps. Although the event does not concern Ellie in the foreground, it is clear that it is this discovery that creates the narrative pretext of the whole experience. A character that we could not get to know in the first chapter therefore begins to evolve, preparing to change the destiny of the narrative universe presented to us forever. We also get the chance to see a part of Abby's past, linked to her father. There is also a due study of what concerns the relationship with Owen, which remains linked throughout the adventure to theaquarium that the boy decides to renovate and live in. The beginning of the events of The Last of Us Part 2 is set just one year after the tragedy that occurred in the hospital of the Lights, when Joel together with Tommy takes a guitar to take to Ellie, while telling him the whole story that happened in the territory. of Lights.

Before the actual timeline of the present begins, some events that will be recounted later still take their course. We have a chance to see Joel's wonderful birthday present for Ellie, which is one sweet museum adventure with a dark side at the end. Tommy and Ellie's relationship is deepened when the man teaches the girl how to clean up the infected areas with the sniper rifle. In the same sequence, Ellie and Joel go to a music store for find spare parts for guitar strings, as they try to heal a relationship that is clearly in the balance. The course of events has certainly worsened the situation, given that - a year before the narrative arc of the present - Ellie walks to the former hospital of the Lights, discovering the whole truth about what Joel did. After a furious discussion between the two, Joel's redemption process begins, as we will discover in the finale of The Last of Us Part 2.

From this point begins the main narrative arc, where Ellie and Dina get ready for the patrol, the day after the dance where the two girls exchanged a kiss. At the same time, Abby and Owen discover the base of the protagonists, and the girl chases after Ellie and Dina until she meets the horde of infected and is saved by Joel and Tommy. Returning from the patrol, Ellie discovers that the two have not yet returned and immediately begins the search, encountering the bitter truth after a short time and putting aside remorse to take revenge. Organizing the trip with Dina, Ellie discovers that Tommy has already left with the same goal in mind, and it is at this point that he pursues him to help him in his enterprise.

After a thousand ups and downs the girls find a lead, and go to the radio station, nevertheless meeting only the body of Leah. Continuing to search for more clues - and Tommy -, Ellie and Dina stop at an abandoned theater that quickly becomes their base camp. At this point the secrets come out when Dina reveals she is pregnant ed Ellie confesses her immunity to the virus, to then continue her adventure alone. At this point, the girl meets the Seraphites (or Hyenas), and reaches the hospital in search of Nora.

On the other side of the coin, Abby leaves with Owen and Mel, being attacked by the Seraphites and saving the group. The girl discovers the massacre that Ellie is carrying out, and that Owen is currently suspected by the Wolves of being a traitor, and it is at this point that he goes to the boy. However, Abby is captured and gets acquainted with Yara and Lev, two Seraphites wanted by their group due to a bravado by Lev (the youngest), who save her on the verge of death. After leaving them in poor condition, Abby returns to the two due to her scruples, and take Yara to the aquarium for Mel to take care of, but she is caught searching for the necessary medicines. He manages to escape with the help of Nora and together with Lev continues the search, ending up meeting the deadly King of the Rat. The girl is then back at the aquarium, and the group manages to cure Yara by amputating her arm.

Soon after, Lev steals a boat and sets off to his native island to persuade his mother to forgive her. Abby sets off in pursuit along with Yara, and meets Manny being targeted by a sniper who subsequently manages to kill him. We will discover that the feared enemy is Tommy, who will survive despite being thrown down from a great height into the water. Abby continues her search for Lev on the island, which has been attacked by the Wolves in the meantime. The two girls manage to find Lev after he is forced to kill his mother. During the escape, however, Yara is taken hostage and sacrifices herself to allow her sister and Abby to escape. Meanwhile, after pressing Nora and discovering that Abby was at the aquarium, Ellie heads for the building, meeting his friend Jesse and continuing along with the boy. The same leaves her early to find Tommy, while Ellie makes her way with a boat to pursue her revenge, to the place where they find Owen and Mel. Tommy and Jesse meet the protagonist after she has killed the two Wolves, and then bring her back to the theater to Dina.

Abby and Lev return to the aquarium, discovering what happened and realizing the further slaughter that Ellie has carried out. Thanks to the map left on the ground, Ebby manages to find the theater, swooping out of nowhere with Lev, killing Jesse and also shooting Tommy, and then engages in the fight with Ellie. Dina intervenes and is quickly knocked out, but, before Abby cuts her throat, Ellie manages to stop her, confessing that the girl is pregnant. At that point Abby decides to spare them both, stating that she no longer wants to see Ellie's face again, finally disappearing with Lev.

The story continues a little less than a year later when Abby sets off on Santa Barbara Island to look for the traces of the Lights; after contacting a headquarters, however, the girl is taken hostage along with Lev. Ellie's story continues two months after the incident, while she and Dina live with her son on a farm. All of a sudden, Tommy arrives confirming Abby's last known position, trying to get Ellie to leave her peace of mind due to the continuing sense of revenge, as he himself has lost an eye and limps step by step from his injuries. . Still suffering from constant nightmares, Ellie heads for Santa Barbara, abandoning his family.

With the constant pursuit of revenge, Ellie makes her way through the enemies, interrogating a dying soldier and finding out Abby's location, the headquarters of a group of slavers called Serpi. He manages to penetrate it, freeing the prisoners and discovering that the girl has been hung from a pole on the nearby beach, awaiting death, just like Lev. After freeing them, just before leaving the island, Ellie begins a furious fight with Abby, despite the latter not wanting to collide but to escape. During the fight Ellie loses two fingers, and just as he strangles Abby he realizes he doesn't really want that revenge, and lets her go. The work ends a few days later, near the now abandoned farm, where Ellie tries to play the guitar, and in the oblivion of desperation she leaves her in place to set out towards a still unknown destination.

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