The Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild - Wilderness Tower Shrine Mini Challenge Guide

    The Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild - Wilderness Tower Shrine Mini Challenge Guide

    The shrines inside The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild they are points of reference that, as you continue in the adventure, you will meet along your way. Many of them are labyrinths or, in any case, very complex structures. This guide will reveal how to solve all the Shrines of the Tower of the Wilds.


    In the Gerudo canyon, between the Kotume plateau and the Naburu bridge, you can talk to Zuki who will ask you to bring him a horse suitable for a man of his height. If you have registered a regular horse that you don't need, summon it to the Gerudo Canyon Stable and bring it to Zuki. Otherwise, use the teleporter to go to the Twins' stables and capture and register any wild horse nearby. Teleport back to the Gerudo Canyon Stable and take it to Zuki, and if he likes it, he'll give you 300 rupees in return.


    Talk to Gomana at the Gerudo Canyon Stable and he will ask you to track down his four friends Veny, Amani, Natane and Pahm in the Kotume Plateau area. All four are suspended on wooden platforms behind the canyon wall north of the Kotume Plateau, which lies north of the Wilderness Tower. Three are close together while the fourth is a more distant one. Before talking to them you have to eliminate all the enemies in the area. After freeing them, go back to Gomana who in exchange will give you a gold rupee.


    At the Gerudo Canyon stabling, talk to Pirue between 08:00 and 03:00. He needs 55 cans, which are the purple mushrooms that grow on the slopes. It is a long-term challenge that you will conclude as you find them along the various paths. When you arrive at the Korogo woods, if you want to hurry up to finish the mini challenge, you can buy them for 12 rupees each, it is a question of teleporting to the Koroga forest from time to time and buying them every time the supplies are replenished. When you bring the 55 boxes to Pirue you will have in exchange the diamond that is in the chest at the back of the stables.


    Talk to Ghinemar at Bazar Arsur who will ask you for a semifredda potion that you can prepare with a frost butterfly and a dose of monstrous materials, such as boblin's horn, very common in the Gerudo canyon and on the highlands around the tower of the wilds. . In return you will receive a purple rupee.


    In CIttadella Gerudo, outside the jewelry store, talk to Aisha who will ask you for 10 pieces of flint to reopen the store. Obtaining it is easy, it will be enough to destroy the mineral deposits in the mountainous regions, for example the Oldin region. When you deliver the flint stones, Aisha will reopen the jewelry store, where you can purchase head items, and as a thank you she will have you choose one of the following three items:

    Tiara with ruby. Guarantees protection from the cold. Combined with the anti-cold tunic it is useful for crossing the great Gerudo plateau, before you can have the snow set at the Rito village.

    Tiara with sapphire. Guarantees protection from the heat. It is useful for surviving in the desert before obtaining the Gerudo outfits.

    Topaz earrings. They provide electrical isolation, useful against the Vah Naboris boss.


    You are in Cittadella Gerudo in front of the back door of the clothing and armor shop, southeast of the entrance. If you examine it you will be asked for a password, and when you get it wrong you will activate a challenge that will force you to wait until the next day to make a new attempt. Now you have to find out the password by secretly listening to the chat of women at the bar in the north of the city. To start the conversation, you have to talk to the women, then enter the building next door, the one where Lotein is reading a book, and listen through the window. You will hear that the correct code is the acronym for Gerudo Secret Club, ie CSG followed by a black symbol in the shape of a rhombus. When enough time has passed, go back to the door and enter using the secret code. You are now in a new clothing and armor shop where you can purchase lumisera and desert outfits.


    Talk to Meluena. It usually stands in the courtyard where the soldiers train, in the west corner of Citadel Gerudo, or in front of the Riju house. He will ask you for the moldenottera heart, and this is dropped by a secondary boss called, in fact, moldenottera. You will find one at the dunes of Torma, west of Cittadella Gerudo. To fight it, you have to climb to any spot without sand, such as a ledge or a rock, and then throw a spherical bomb at it. Every time it emerges from the sand to swallow the sphere, blow it up, this way you will have time to land a lot of hits, then repeat the action until you win. Take the heart to Meluena who will give you a gold rupee.


    During the main mission you bought the Gerudo dress from Vivian, now put it on and talk to Boten, the man who runs around Gerudo Citadel. Speaking of his boots you will activate a challenge by borrowing his snow boots which you will need to reach the goal. You have to reach the statue on the great Gerudo plateau, and you will do so from the snow field above, but you can also take advantage of the updrafts, should you fall or approach from the north. Climb onto the folded hands of the statue and take a picture of the bust or even full length. When you show it to Boten you will receive the Sand Boots, which will allow you to move at normal speed on the sand.


    After completing "The Eighth Paladin" put on the Gerudo outfit and talk to Boten again who is now under a canopy near the main entrance to Citadel Gerudo. He will ask you to photograph the lost sword of the statue from the previous challenge. The sword is located on the summit of Cima Gerudo, in the center of the great Gerudo plateau. Take the photon and show it to Botem who will give you the snow boots, which will allow you to move at normal speed on the snow.


    After completing "The Labyrinth of Vah Naboris", interact with the helmet of thunder near Rjiu, who is in his house. When you complete four mini-challenges of Cittadella Gerudo: "Do you like gems?", "The heart of a moldenottera", "Find the culprit!" and “In Search of Barta”, Rjiu will give you the helmet.


    After completing the Vah Naboris labyrinth and starting Rjiu's “The Helmet of Thunder” challenge, go talk during the day with Ticla, who is located in the north corner of the Gerudo Citadel. It will ask you to find out who pollutes its water. Then go to the west corner of the city and climb to the rooftops. Talk to Caliban, the woman who is eating the melon, who will stop soiling the water if you bring her 10 strawberries. The closest place to find them are the snow-covered fields of the great Gerudo plateau. On the plateau north of the Gerudo tower and west of the Zaroffi plateau there are some trees that have a lot of strawberries. You will also find many around the Rito stabling, easy to reach by teleportation. Bring the strawberries to Caliban, then report everything to Ticla who will give you a fresh melon.


    After completing the Vah Naboris labyrinth and starting Rjiu's challenge "The Helmet of Thunder", go talk to Lanje, the woman who trains in the curtain in the west corner of Citadel Gerudo. You will need a vivax durian, and if you don't have one, buy it. Go to the large Gerudo fossil southwest of the region, where you will see Barta under the fossil's head. You need a level 2 heat defense, which you can get through clothing and food. Save Barta by giving her a durian vivax, return to Lanje who will give you a silver rupee in exchange.

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