The Lord of the Rings War in the North - Trophy List [PS3]

The Lord of the Rings War in the North - Trophy List [PS3]

The complete list of Trophies.


Here is the Trophies list for Playstation 3 of The Lord of the Rings The Northern War

Bronze Silver Gold Platinum


As long as there is life there is hope
Revive a fallen ally.
Punisher of enemies
Kill 200 enemies.
Sudden fury
Land 3 critical hits in 10 seconds.
Strength of the Alliance
Kill an enemy along with 2 other players.
Discover 25 secrets.
Studded with gems
Embed an Elven Gem in an item.
Perform a series of 50 hits in Hero mode.
Now for wrath, now for ruin!
Kill 4 enemies at the same time.
Troll Scourge
Kill the wild snow trolls.
Battle Lord
Unlock all active casting skills in a character's skill tree.
Reach at least Rank 1 in a Rank 3 skill.
Many deeds, large and small
Complete 15 missions.
War machinist
Kill 150 enemies with war machines.
Well deployed
Equip full magical armor.
Foolproof sniper
Kill 50 enemies with a headshot.
Swift-winged warrior
Summons Beleram 10 times in one match.
Exemplary warrior
Unlock all abilities that modify War Cry, Refuge, or Evasion for a character.
Northern Defender
Reach level 10.
Craft 15 potions.
Dragon's treasure
Accumulate 25.000 gold.
Like lightning
Inflict 3000 damage with a single ranged attack.
Cruel hand
Inflict 1500 damage with a single melee attack.
Living shield
Absorb a total of 25.000 damage over the course of 1 level.
Northern Champion
Reach level 20.
Scourge of Mordor
Kill 600 enemies.
Expert treasure hunter.
Find 5 golden chests.
Victorious in battle
Complete the game on normal difficulty or higher.
Against all odds
Complete the game on Legendary difficulty.
The Eyeless Eye
Complete the investigation of the Cult of the Eyeless Eye.
Legendary hero
Complete the game on Heroic difficulty.
Northern Warrior
Collect all The Lord of the Rings: Northern War Trophies.


The Lord of the Rings Secret Trophies The War of the North

Salvatore dell'Aquila
Defeat Agandaûr without the help of Beleram.
Friend of the Eagles
Help free the Great Eagle Beleram.
Friend of the Elves
Ally with the sons of Elrond.
Scourge of Tharzog
Defeat Tharzog, the lieutenant of Agandaûr.
Find out what happened to the missing Rangers.
Disappear, Carrion Lord
Defeat the Barrow Ghost Lord.
Keeper of the Secret
Discover the plan for the destruction of the Ring of Power.
Slayer of Giants
Kill Bargrisar, the stone giant.
  Defeat the sorcerer Wulfrun
Defeat the sorcerer Wulfrun.
Friend of the Wooded Realm
Free the captive elf in the Woodland Swamps.
Friend of the Ring-bearer
Talk to Frodo in Rivendell.
In the Dragon's Lair
Survive the encounter with a dragon.
Conqueror of mountains
Help destroy the citadel inside Mount Gundabad.
Spider Slayer
Kill Saenathra.
Winner of sieges
Help Nordinbad withstand the siege.
Hero of the North
Defeat Agandaur, Sauron's lieutenant.
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