"The Power of Fate" Trophy / Objective Guide

    Shadow of Mordor Level 25 Rune Guide [PS4-Xbox One-360-PS3-PC]


    Getting the best runes in Shadow of Mordor isn't easy, here's how

    "The Power of Fate" Trophy / Objective Guide

    First of all let's say that the level 25 runes are dropped by the level 20 commanders, but, to get the desired reward, you will have to do some preparation work before killing him. Here's how you should proceed.

    Step 1: Retrieve target information
    You can choose a target of any level, the important thing is that it is at least a Uruk Captain with vulnerabilities such as weakness against ranged weapons, hatred, etc .. For this it will be important to find information on the enemies, in order to choose the target improve. It is preferable that he is not very far from level 20, because if at the beginning he has some vulnerabilities (they will be very useful for killing him) these could disappear in his progress towards level 20. So pay close attention to the choice of the target.

    Phase 2: Level the target up to level 20
    After you have found a good target with the characteristics described in phase one, you will need to make it level 20 (getting killed by him is a good way to level him up). Make him Commander if he is not already, he does not need to have all the skills, the important thing is that he kills you at least once.

    Phase 3: Vendetta mark
    To increase the level of the Rune you will get it is important that there is the revenge mark on the Commander you will kill. To do this, just get yourself killed at least once by the target Commander.

    Stage 4: Kill the target commander
    Once the target is Commander, his vulnerabilities are clear to you thanks to the information gathered, he killed you once to make him a revenge target, you can prepare to kill him.

    Use vulnerabilities against your target, such as fear of Caragors, fear of fire, or use his own men against him by exploiting brands. The best solution is to use the control and the marks to have his own bodyguards assassinate him, it will be a longer solution, but facing him openly you will also have to fight against all his captains and, considering that this it won't add much more chance of getting a 25 rune, ultimately it's the least convenient route.

    Although they are not all strictly essential, if you have recreated all the conditions described, you will have very high chances of getting the level 25 rune.

    Remember to check out the Shadow of Mordor cheats and guides tab for other helpful guides and good luck!

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