Thief - Trophy List + Secret Trophies [PS4 - PS3]

Thief - Trophy List + Secret Trophies [PS4 - PS3]


Here is the list of Thief Playstation 3 Trophies

Bronze Silver Gold Platinum



  Obsessive Compulsive
You stole all the loot and collectibles in a chapter
  Fairy hands
Get 100 pick pockets in a single game
  Lucky burglar
Pick a lock at supreme speed
  Dark Archer
Complete 10 Optional Thief Challenges
  Perfect conditions
Finish 3 consecutive chapters without taking damage
  Focus on the mission
Make 1 pickpocket and 1 pickpocket with concentration
  A step forward
Deactivate 10 mechanical traps
  Child of the shadows
Finish a chapter without alarming anyone
  Glass hail
Hit a bottle in midair with an arrow
  Without price
Complete a collection of items
  Secret plans
Discover 15 secret areas
  All that glitters
Steal 5 collectibles
  Clear ideas
Reach the last chapter without using concentration
  Hard times
Complete the game on Master difficulty
  No false modesty
Get at least 5 million points on a Challenge map
  A health hazard
Kill or stun 10 people using the environment
  What's yours is mine
Complete all item collections
  Whoever finds holds
Discover all the secret areas
  We work overtime
Complete all errands in the City
  Those who go slowly steal far and sound
Complete the game in 15 hours or more
  Something to prove
Complete the game on diff. personalized (at least 700 points)
  Legend dressed in leather
Complete 25 Optional Thief Challenges
  Moral victory
Complete the game without killing or knocking anyone out
  Dispenser of riches
Use 40.000 gold coins
  Bad deeds
Complete all of Basso's jobs in the City
  Ace takes it all
The true Supreme Thief

Secret Thief Trophies

Happy birthday
Sixteen candles. Enough for you, as a "tip"?
The wolf loses its fur ...
Find out all the secret stash in Moira
Two faces
Discover the Lyegrove secret
The shot
Finish the prologue
Finish chapter one
Dust to dust
Finish chapter two
Dirty secrets
Finish chapter three
A friend in trouble
Finish chapter four
The forgotten
Finish chapter five
A broken man
Finish chapter six
The hidden city
Finish chapter seven
The Light of Dawn
Finish chapter eight

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