To play Mass Effect 3 with the controller on PC:

How to play Mass Effect 3 with the Xbox 360 pad on PC


Unless I am completely sickened I found that Mass Effect 3 it is part of that "elite" of games that despite being developed also for consoles in their PC version they do not in any way support the Xbox 360 pad (the developers now try to amaze us in "sideways" ways).

This guide is dedicated to all those who just don't want to hear about mouse + keyboard and who want to enjoy the game of the moment with the Xbox 360 controller at least one meter away from the screen.

After downloading the package from the link proposed below it will take you 1 minute to configure everything.

To play Mass Effect 3 with the controller on PC:

1) download the package from this link and open it
2) turn on the Xbox 360 pad and connect it to the PC
3) start the "Pad 360 - PC.exe".
4) click on the Pad-shaped icon on the left (indicated with the green arrow in the figure below), then click on "Open" and open the file "conf pad Xbox 360"
5) click on the Sheet-shaped icon on the right (indicated by the red arrow in the figure below) then click on "Open" and open the file "conf tasti mass effect 3"


If you have done everything right you will see this:


Now leave it running and start the game. If you run into any problems (it shouldn't) try starting the game first, then drop it down with ALT + TAB, run the program and then return to the game. As you can see in the figure above, the program does nothing but assign certain keys on the keyboard and mouse to the keys of the 360 ​​Controller. Everything is already configured to play Mass Effect 3 but if you want to change something you can do it yourself, the program is very simple to use. Feel free to play Mass Effect 3 with your Joystick !!!

Ed note: I apologize immensely for the painful quality of the two arrows in the first figure, but it is the best I managed to do !!!

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