Trophy Guide / "Home Sweet Home" achievement

Oddworld Secret Areas Guide New 'N' Tasty [PS4-Xbox One-360-PS3-PC]


Discover all the secret areas of Oddworld New 'n' Tasty it's the only way to save all the poor Mudokon slaves.

Trophy Guide / "Home Sweet Home" achievement

In the various levels of the game there are secret areas hiding other Mudokons to save. These areas there are 22 in total, distributed as follows in the chapters:

BreakFarms - 6 secret areas
Stockyards - 6 secret areas
Paramonian Temple - 1 secret area
Scrabanian Temple - 3 secret areas
Zulag 1 - 5 secret areas
Zulag 4 - 1 secret area

Finding all the secret areas will not be an easy task. For this I recommend following the video solution that shows where all the hidden areas of Oddworld New N Tasty are.

If you came here because you want to unlock the "Home Sweet Home" achievement, know that this trophy / achievement is probably buggy. Some users unlocked it without any problems, but others report visiting all areas without getting anything in the end. The problem is already known and the developers are trying to fix it. At the moment the only advice I can give is to find the areas in a single game, ie without using the "replay chapter" function, it seems that one of the possible causes is this.

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