Trophy Guide / Objective Ruin of the Dragons

Dragon Age Inquisition High Dragons Finding Guide [PS4-Xbox One-360-PS3-PC]


Here's how to track down Dragon Age Inquisition's most fearsome enemies

Trophy Guide / Objective Ruin of the Dragons

Important premise: know that the trophy indicated is buggy for many users, if after killing the 10 dragons you do not unlock it, it means that you are among them too. In fact, it seems that one of the dragons, despite being killed, is not counted in the statistics for the trophy / objective. To fix this, try reloading a save before killing a dragon, kill it, and then repeat. This will have no effect on the game, but the slain dragon will be counted twice towards the trophy which should then unlock.

Now let's see where and how to find all the High Dragons.

- The Hinterlands (Fire, level 12): Travel to the northeastern most camp and go through the tunnel to the north. Upon exiting, the dredge will fly up and land in the northern area.

- Crestwood (Electricity, livello 13): South of the keep (or much south of New Crestwood) is a shoreline. Beyond the water in a vast area of ​​sand lies a desolate structure, perched on top is the dragon. You will easily see it from afar.

- Western Approach (Fire, livello 14): South of the southernmost field of the whole map you will find an NPC called The Researcher; complete his quest line to lure the dragon.

- The Exalted Plains (Electricity, livello 15): in the northernmost area of ​​the map (south of Riverside Garrison) you will discover an area that triggers an operation on the War Table. Complete it and return to the area again, the rubble will be gone. The dragon will be waiting for you on the other side (you have to complete the Dark Hand puzzle).

- Emerald Graves (Cold, livello 17): travel to Direstone Camp to the northeast, then proceed across the river, at the tomb go northwest. The dragon will be waiting for you on the north side on a pile of rubble.

- The Storm Coast (Electricity, livello 19): Follow the south coast (west when possible) from the starting field and eventually you'll come across a sealed Dwarven entrance. To open this door it is necessary to receive and complete the mission from Cullen which consists of arresting Samson's smugglers and their expeditions. Make your way through the cave and get the Red Lyrium Behemoth. After the battle you will find a rowboat that will take you to the Dragon Island.

- Hissing Wastes (Fire, livello 20): travel to Sand Crags Camp, from here you can go east to the mountains (or northeast from the starting camp). On the side of the mountain you will find two large stone figures, you can pass between them. The dragon is located beyond this path in a large open space.

- Lion's grip (Cold, livello 19): after completing Taking Back the Lion, you will be able to take the fortress west of Tower Camp. After doing it east of Tower Camp to discover a ruined bridge. Immediately after that an operation will appear on the war table, complete to cross the bridge. In this area you will find the last three dragons, the first of them will be perched on top of the first colosseum.

- Lion's grip (Cold, livello 21): continue past the colosseum of the first dragon to find the second.

- Lion's grip (Fire, livello 23): the third colosseum, in the same area where we found the previous two, will have an entrance where it will be possible to descend. If you prefer not to, you can continue past this entrance towards the bridge and turn right onto a path in the arena. The third and final dragon in the area is inside.

The location of all the dragons just described is also shown in this video, don't forget to consult the Dragon Age Inquisition cheats and guides tab for other useful guides on this game.

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