Trophy Guide / Objective "Sword of Gabriel"

Dying Light: Sword of Gabriel guide, elemental burning effect [PS4 - Xbox One - PC]


Here's how to make a beautiful sword with a burning elemental effect.

Trophy Guide / Objective "Sword of Gabriel"

First of all you will need the appropriate weapon: the swords they can be purchased from merchants later in the game and after completing the story (at survivor level 12 or higher the odds should increase). Go to the trader in the tower (in the Slums) and check what he currently has for sale. If there is no sword or Khopesh available, go to sleep in bed to let the time pass a bit. This way, when you return to the seller, his store inventory will be changed, so repeat the process until he can sell you. a short sword, saber, two-handed sword or Khopesh.

Now head to the Old Town and go to the location shown in the video below (it is the second map where you will go in the second part of the story). Here, on a roof, you will find a project called "Bad Ass", it is just what you need it for create a weapon with searing elemental damage.

Then use it on your sword or Khopesh when you have all the materials required by the project and unlock the trophy, as well as find yourself with a lady sword.

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