Trophy Guide / "Secondary Master" Objective

Borderlands the Pre-Sequel Side Missions Guide [360-PS3-PC]


In this guide we see what all the Borderlands the Pre-Sequel side missions are and where they are

Trophy Guide / "Secondary Master" Objective

To unlock this achievement you will have to complete all 60 side quests in the game (those contained in the DLC do not count). The first advice to keep in mind is to avoid playing the missions in cooperative, from the reports of several users it seems that this can buggy the statistics and prevent you from unlocking the result.

Below you will find the complete list with the names of all the secondary missions with indicated the place where the mission is received. If you have difficulty with some missions, I recommend that you consult this playlist where you will find many, but not all. If the one you are interested in is not present your last chance is to do a search with the name of the mission on Youtube or similar.

All the little Creatures - Triton Flats Bounty Board
An Urgent Message - Jack's Office Bounty Board
Another Pickle - Davis Pickle - Outlands Canyon
Boarding Party - Jack's Office Bounty Board
Boomshakalaka - Tog - Outlands Canyon
Bunch of Ice Holes - Nurse Nina - Concordia
Cleanliness Uprising - R-0513 - Hyperion Hub of Heroism
Don't get Cocky - Jack's Office Bounty Board
Don't Shoot the Messenger - ECHO recording - Tycho's Ribs
eradicate - Jack's Office Bounty Board
Follow Your Heart - Janey Springs - Serenity's waste
Fresh air - Dr.Minte - Reasearch and Development
Grinders - Janey Springs - Concordia
Guardian Hunter - Sterwin - Vorago Solitude.
Home Delivery - Concordia Bounty Board - Concordia
Hot Head - Jack's Office Bounty Board - Jack's Office
In Perfect Hibernation - Lazio - Veins of Helios
Infinite Loop - Jack's Office Bounty Board - Jack's Office
If it Ain't Rocket Surgery - Dr. Spara - Research and Development
Kill Meg - Professor Nakayama - Hyperion Hub of Heroism
Lab 19 - Dead scientist's ECHO - Research and Development
Land Among the Stars - Janey Springs - Serenity's Waste
Last Requests - Captain Thorson's ECHO Log - Regolith Range
Lock and Load - Lunar Launching Station Bounty Board
No Such Thing as a Free Launch - Cosmo Wishbone - Triton flats
Nothing is Never an Option - Janey Springs - Concordia.
Nova? No Problem - Janey Springs - Serenity's Waste - Don't sell the Nova shield, if you did, use a Tesla grenade to disable the cameras.
Paint Job - Professor Nakayama - Hyperion Hub of Heroism
Picking up the pieces - Jack via Laser debris - Lunar Launching Station
Pop Racing - Napykins Lunestalker - Triton Flats
Quarantine: Back on Schedule - Jack's Office Bounty Board
Quarantine: Infestation - Worker Bot Console in the Veins of Helios
Recruitment Drive - Triton Flats Bounty Board
Red, Then Dead - Lunar Launching Station
Rough Love - Nurse Nina - Concordia
Space Slam - Tog - Outlands Canyon
Sterwin Forever - Completate prima Guardian Hunter e Z8N-TP first - Eleseer.
Sub-Level 13 - Davis Pickle - Outlands canyon
Sub-Level 13: Part 2
Tales From Elpis - Janey Springs - Serenity's waste
The Bestest story Ever Told - Concordia Bounty Board - Complete the main story first.
The Don - The Don - Vorago Solitude
The Empty Billabong - Peepot - Crisis Scar
The Return of Captain Chef - Captain Chef - Vorago Solitude
The Secret Chamber - Data device after completing the Story Mission in Pity's Fall
The Voyage Of Captain Chef - Captain Chef - Triton flats
These are the Bots - ICU-P - Vorago solitude
Things That go Boom - Lunar launching station
To Arms - Triton Flats Bounty Board
To the Moon - Lunar Launching Station Bounty Board
Twist it! Twist it! - Janey Springs - Serenity's Waste
Treasures of ECHO Madre - Davis Pickle - Outlands Canyon
Trouble with Space Herps - Lazlo - Veins of Helios
Voice Over - Jack's Office Bounty Board
Wherefore Art Thou? - Concordia bounty Board
Wiping The Slate - Concordia Bounty Board
Z8N-TP - Z8N-TP Unit - Tycho's Ribs
Zapped 1.0 - Laser weapon crate - Triton Flats
Zapped 2.0 - Janey Springs - Concordia
Zapped 3.0 - Janey Springs - Concordia

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