Unlockable costumes

    All unlockable Watch Dogs costumes [PS4-Xbox One-360-PS3-PC]

    Unlockable costumes


    Let's see what they are and how to unlock the alternate costumes for Mr. Aiden.

    Unlockable costumes

    Unfortunately, it seems that the developers have not foreseen a large amount of unlockable costumes in the game and the few that are there remain (at the moment) linked to various packs / DLCs. Here they are listed below, with the effects that are obtained by wearing them:

    costume Black Viceroys: Successfully complete the pre-order "Signature Shot" DLC missions.
    Effect: aesthetic only

    Costumes Blume Agent: unlocks with the "Blume Agent Pre-Order Pack".
    Effect: Weapon Upgrade (reduced recoil).

    Costumes Chicago South Club: unlocks with "The Club Justice Single Player Pack".
    Effect: Driving Enhancement (increases collision points).

    Costumes CyberPunk: unlocks with "The CyberPunk Single Player Pack".
    Effect: Unlock the Cyberpunk Pistol.

    Costumes DedSec: unlocks with "The DedSec Shadow Single Player Pack".
    Effect: hacking enhancement (battery slot).

    Costumes Untouchables: unlocks with "The Untouchables Pre-Order Pack".
    Effect: Unlock the Thompson machine gun.

    White Hacker Hat: Complete 4 exclusive PS4 / PS3 missions.
    Effect: hacking enhancement (battery slot).

    Is it just these? Fortunately no! There are several other clothes for Aiden available in the game's dress shops. These have nothing to do with the DLC and are included in the standard version of the game, to get them you just need to buy them from any store.

    Here is a video showing all the costumes that can be purchased in the game

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