Until Dawn: guide to ALL endings + best ending [PS4]

Until Dawn: guide to ALL endings + best ending [PS4]


Until Dawn has three different endings for the story of the eight boys, let's see what needs to be done to see them all.

SPOILER ATTENTION !!! Below we will see all the possible endings that can be achieved by playing Until Dawn, what you get depends basically on how many guys survive until the end. Of course, we can't avoid putting spoilers on the plot.

"Normal" ending
This is the easiest ending to get. To get it, you must avoid saving all eight boys, but also making them all die. Then complete the game by having someone stay alive (but not ALL) and you will see the sequence at the end of this video:

Final "Best - Good"
This is the ending where all the kids survive so even if we are in a horror game this is to be considered the good or best ending. Making everyone survive will not be easy and being able to do so depends solely on the choices made throughout the game. In the guide to making all Until Dawn characters survive, you will find all the help you need to do so. Keep in mind that some "secondary" characters almost always end up dying as it is impossible to avoid their death, but to get the best ending it is necessary to make the eight main characters survive until dawn: Josh, Jessica, Matt, Emily, Ashley, Chris, Sam and Mike. In the following video you can see the sequence with the best ending of Until Dawn:

Final "Worst - Bad"
To get this epilogue, which you can see in the video below, ALL eight characters must be killed. Over the course of the game there will continually be occasions where it is possible to lose some characters, but to get this ending you have to make them all die. For more help, follow the guide to killing all Until Dawn characters (bad ending).

We come to your game. If you have played normally following your instincts it is very likely that you have reached the "Normal" ending, with some guys saved and others passed away.

If you want to replay to try to get to the other endings be aware that it is possible to start over from a more advanced chapter from the "select chapter" menu, without restarting from the beginning. Obviously, first you have to check the choices you made in the first game through the butterflies of the menu: for example, if you want to replay to save everyone, but in episode 3 you have already lost a character, you certainly cannot start over from Episode 5, obviously. reasons.

We close the guide by remembering that in the Until Dawn tricks and guides tab you will find they are already there and we will continue to add other useful guides on the game, do not forget to consult it.

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