Valheim - Guide to how to fish

In Valheim, the now very famous videogame Iron gate ab, getting food is essential for survival. You may have already learned how to farm and hunt, but there is another much more profitable skill, which is knowing how to fish. The advantage of this specialty is that in Valheim there is a lot of water, from streams to rivers, from lakes to the sea. Each point with water is a good place to throw the hook, certainly easier and more peaceful than hunting animals on land, which - some more and some less - give everyone a hard time. In this guide, therefore, we will give you all the indications to best practice the activity of an experienced fisherman.

The following text may contain narrative and playful spoilers on Valheim, the latest work by Iron Gate AB and published by Coffee Stain Studios. We therefore advise you to continue carefully in order to avoid any major and minor spoilers, which could undermine your play experience.

How to fish

The answer is more than simple: you mainly need one fishing pole. This tool can be bought from Haldor the merchant, which you found in the Black Forest. Haldor doesn't always stop in the same place, so you'll have to look for it, and the whole Black Forest area can initially be dangerous enough to patrol if you're not yet equipped enough. Therefore, the best way to find it is to circumscribe the periphery of the area until a bag icon appears on the map, at which point you will be able to head to the merchant. Once found, you can purchase the fishing rod for 350 coins. Since at the beginning of the game this figure will certainly be high and not within your reach, before meeting him, turn around a bit and collect valuables to exchange with him to get some more money. Once you have the required amount, buy the rod from Haldor, which will automatically be added to the inventory. Then open your inventory and assign the rod to a hotkey, so as to always have it at hand whenever you have an appetite and cross a place with water.

Only the fishing rod is not enough

It will not be enough to throw the hook into the water if attacked you will not put something that can tickle the palate of the fish. Haldor the merchant is resourceful and obviously also sells bait. Give him 10 coins and he will give you 50 pieces of bait. If you have no money but amber, a couple should be enough for bartering. When you have the feed and select the fishing rod, the option for will open apply the bait to the rod. At this point you will be fully ready to start fishing.

This is all there was to know about Valheim, we also remind you that we have an entire section dedicated to guides updated with all the titles of the moment.

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