Valorant - Complete guide to the in-game gun shop

Valuing has finally landed in its Closed Beta, making himself available to a good chunk of players who want to finally get their hands on the new shooter of Riot GAMES, of which you can find our preview at this link. The work has several sides to be explored, and some mechanics remained a bit hidden in the tutorial phases present, in any case well structured. Today we want to focus on in-game shop present within each map, who will accompany you in the games to allow you to buy weapons and skills with the credits acquired with different solutions, let's see all the details about it together!

In the Valorant shop you have the opportunity to spend the coins acquired in each round to buy different items, useful for winning games. You can also sell what you bought to get back the full amount of money, until at least the round starts. Remember that you can accumulate up to a maximum of 12.000 coins, if you reach that figure you could consider buying weapons for other players, who they can also be requested with a special button. You will be able to use the shop until the start of the game, and in the meantime you will also have the possibility to position yourself. In the in-game shop we are dealing with ability, the shields, And the weaponry.


Perhaps the most important object, as well as the peculiarity of the game. Each Valorant agent features four abilities, two of which are not available for purchase in the shop. These are recharged over time or as in the case of the Ultima with other methods. However, two of the abilities can be bought in the shop and used later, remaining at the end of each round whether you survive or not. Some of these have only one use, while others can be purchased and exploited several times, their cost is quite negligible and it is always better to have the possibility to enjoy the peculiarities of your agent in the situations that will arise once the game is started.


It is about light shield e heavy, which are suitable for block half of the damage received. The former costs 400 coins and blocks a total of 25 damage before breaking, while the latter costs 1000 coins and resists for a total of 50 damage. These are fundamental items in the medium and advanced stages of the games, even if buying them in the very first match could be a choice to be evaluated, not always correct based on your character and your team in short.


Surely the most incisive objects, divided into: Secondary Weapons (guns), SMG, Shotguns, Assault Rifles, Cecchini e Heavy. All weapons have a cost that you will have to evaluate based on your situation and the equipment of your allies, as well as the skills of the Agent you are using and his potential in the game. You can range by creating various possibilities, since you can have a Secondary Weapon and an additional one at the same time. As already mentioned, these can be requested and your companions can offer them to you, in case they have an excess in their wallet. At the start of each round, their ammo will be offered to you for free.

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