Watch Dogs Unlockable Special Weapons Guide [PS4-Xbox One-360-PS3-PC]

Watch Dogs Unlockable Special Weapons Guide [PS4-Xbox One-360-PS3-PC]


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How to unlock special weapons

In addition to the weapons that are acquired by collecting those dropped by enemies and the weapons that are bought in stores, in Watch Dogs there are a series of special weapons that are unlocked by completing particular tasks during the game.

So let's see what are the unlockable weapons of Watch Dogs and what needs to be done to unlock them.

Note: Some of these weapons can also be found by killing enemies, but only by unlocking them as described below will you have them directly in the weapon wheel.

Piledriver (Shotgun)
Features: Shoot more buckshot than any other weapon
How to unlock: Reach level 5 of the drinking game (follow the guide to drinking game for more help)

Destroyer (sniper rifle)
Features: A sniper rifle as powerful as a cannon!
How to unlock: Complete 10 criminal convoys (see "Road Rage" in Trophy Guide)

Chrome (pistola)
Characteristics: lethal in close combat, with a high degree of penetration
How to unlock: neutralize 20 confirmed criminals (see "riot" in the trophy guide)

AK-47 (assault fucile)
Features: does it need any introduction?
How to unlock: complete the first lair of the criminals (see guide to the lair of the gangs)

SMG-11 (Mitraglietta)
How to unlock: unlock the first ctOS antenna (see ctOS antenna guide)

SMG-11 special forces (submachine gun)
Features: As versatile as a pistol, almost as deadly as an assault rifle
How to Unlock: Complete 10 Criminal Lairs (see Gang Lair guide)

Gangster (machine gun)
Features: a luxurious version of the legendary Thompson, a true collector's weapon.
How to unlock: get 16 QR codes (see QR code guide)

Wildfire (assault rifle)
Characteristics: one of the best assault rifles, with a high rate of fire.
How to unlock: find 6 missing persons (see missing persons guide)

Goblin (assault rifle)
Features: This is also a great assault rifle, with the addition of a silencer
How to unlock: find 9 arms trafficking crates (guide to arms trafficking missions)

Important: check out the Watch Dogs cheats and guides tab for other useful guides on this game.

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