Where is the Pthumerian Queen

Bloodborne: Guide to Finding the Pthumeric Queen [PS4]


Yharnam, the bloodthirsty queen of the ancient labyrinth is the last boss of the Chalice Dungeon of the Pthumeru series, and we will do the hard work.

Where is the Pthumerian Queen

To kill this boss, unlock the "Yharnam Queen Pthumeriana trophy and shower yourself with glory, first of all you will need to get the chalice Pthumeru. This goblet is automatically obtained after killing the "Bloodthirsty Beast" boss. If you have trouble finding it (it's an optional boss) and / or defeating it, follow the guide to beat the Bloodthirsty Beast boss.

When you have the chalice, place it in one of the altars to the left of the shop in the Hunter's dream, then choose "recut it chalice" and select the Pthumeru chalice. Of course we know very well that the dungeons here are randomly generated, but apparently they all follow the same format, the following:

  • Each dungeon has three or more levels.
  • Each level starts with a labyrinthine space where you have to find a lever to pull. Pulling the lever will inform you that a door has been unlocked somewhere in the dungeon.
  • Through that door you'll face a boss, one you've probably never met in the main game.
  • Once you have defeated the boss you can go down to the next level.
  • Once you defeat the third level boss you will get a new chalice, which allows you to create a new (and more difficult) dungeon.

Queen Yharnam is the third level boss of the "Pthumeru Ihyll Chalice" Dungeon. In theory, this means that you "only" have to complete five chalice dungeons to face it, for a total of sixteen levels and sixteen bosses !. In practice, this is equivalent to completing the dungeons several times in order to obtain the items needed to create / access the higher level dungeons, up to the queen. Basically you will have to face these dungeons:

- Pthumeru Chalice (3 levels)
- Central Pthumeru Chalice (3 livelli)
- Lower Pthumeru Chalice (4 levels)
- Ailing Loran Chalice (You will need to find the "Bastard of Loran" material to perform the ritual for the next dungeon. Once found, you can also quit, no need to complete the dungeon)
- Defiled Chalice (3 livelli)
- Pthumeru Ihyll Chalice (3 levels)

Remember that it is not necessary to play dungeons with the word "Root" in their name and that all the materials needed to perform the Chalice rituals are all located within the dungeons themselves, with the sole exception of the "Living String". The Living String is obtained by killing a secret enemy in Mergo's Loft (if you have difficulty follow this guide to find the Living String). Finally remember that if you have trouble finding the required amount of a given item, you can always use the trick to duplicate items from Bloodborne.

When you finally find her you will find that the Pthumerian Queen is not overly difficult as a boss. In any case, if you have difficulty, follow the guide to defeat the Pthumerian Queen.

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