Where is the Teddy bear

Metro Last Light: guide to finding the bear [Nostalgia]


In this guide we see how to unlock the Trophy / Objective "Nostalgia" by Metro Last Light.

Find and return the teddy bear to the crying baby.

If you are looking to unlock this Metro Last Light achievement then all you need to know is the whereabouts of the Teddy Bear of the crying baby who lost it.

Where is the Teddy bear

Right at the beginning of the "Venice" chapter your destination will be a strip club. Instead of entering the club, turn left to find a man who will offer you to try a mini-game for 10 bullets. To win you have to catch all the mice within the time limit. Do it 3 times and the man will give you the bear as a gift. Now go to the crying baby (he is nearby) and return the bear to him. Unlocked result

Also remember that, in all likelihood, this is one of the actions that count for the score that will lead you to see the good ending of the game.

Here are a couple of videos that show you how to get hold of this fluffy teddy bear.

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