Where to find all the symbols of the Cult of the Crypt

Borderlands 2 - Guide to Crypt Symbols


Experienced explorers will have already noticed that in some places in the world of Borderlands 2 there are, often well hidden, symbols of the Crypt. These symbols are not randomly placed there, but are just waiting to be found. In fact, finding them is useful both to earn extra XP but also to complete the challenges of the "Cult of the Crypt" that require you to discover these engravings / paintings in certain areas of the game.

Where to find all the symbols of the Cult of the Crypt

In this guide we try to show the exact location of all the Crypt symbols in Borderlands 2, divided by areas. This will allow you to complete the "Cult of the Crypt" challenges.

Do not forget to visit the Borderlands 2 cheats tab, you will already find the complete guide to unlock all the achievements and trophies, along with all the other guides, of course.


Simboli della Cripta in: Windshear Waste, Southern Shelf e Southern Shelf Bay

Symbols of the Crypt in: Sanctuary

Simboli della Cripta in: Three Horns Divide, Three Horns Valley, Bloodshot Stronghold, Bloodshot Ramparts

Crypt symbols in: Frostburn Canyon, Southpaw Steam, Soutpaw Power, Friendship Gulag

Symbols of the Crypt in: The Dust, Tundra Express and End of The Line

Simboli della Cripta in: Sanctuary Hole, Fink's Slaughterhouse e The Fridge

Simboli della Cripta in: The Highlands, Holy Spirit e Wildlife Exploitation Preserve

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