Where to find rare and legendary weapons, armor and grenades

    Borderlands 2 - Best Weapons and Armor Guide [Rare and Legendary]

    Where to find rare and legendary weapons, armor and grenades


    In Borderlands 2 we can have different game approaches, sneak up with precision weapons or face enemies head on using heavier weapons. But when things go wrong, the best strategy becomes to attack the enemies ferociously, and the best way to do this is to have the best weapons and armor in the game.

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    Where to find rare and legendary weapons, armor and grenades

    Borderlands 2 uses a color system to classify weapons and items based on their importance and rarity:

    • White: very common
    • finanacing: common
    • Blue: uncommon
    • Viaola: rare
    • Magenta: very rare (E-Tech)
    • Orancione: Legendary
    • Pearlescent: Ultra Legendari

    It is not possible to define the exact places in which to find the best equipment as these are completely random. At the beginning of the game, when your level is still low, you will find only common weapons. As you progress and level your character well you will begin to find even the rarest weapons and armor.

    In this guide we propose what we believe are the best weapons and indicate the seller / place where it is most likely to find them.



    Legendary Weapons - Vendor: Maliwan

    Expeditious Thunderball Fists (Pistola)
    Dove: Captain Flynt, Southern Shelf

        Damage: 507
        Accuracy: 94.5
        Rate of Fire: 3
        Reload: 1.6
        Magazine capacity: 17
        Cost: $ 71,715

    Consummate Hellfire (SMG)
    Dove: Scorch

        Damage: 240
        Accuracy: 93.1
        Rate of Fire: 8.0
        Reload: 2.5
        Magazine capacity: 37
        Cost: $ 107,955

    Legendary Weapons - Vendor: Bandit

    Wild Asss Madhous! (Fucile d'assalto)
    Dove: Mad Dog, Lynchwood

        Damage: 224
        Accuracy: 66.7
        Rate of Fire: 7.5
        Reload: 6.8
        Magazine capacity: 144
        Cost: $ 69,397

    Dubble Gub (Pistol)
    Dove: Laney, The Fridge

        Damage: 497 x 2
        Accuracy: 73.9
        Rate of Fire: 3.3
        Reload: 2.5
        Magazine capacity: 148
        Cost: $ 51,495

    Legendary Weapons - Vendor: Dahl

    Skirmish Emperor (SMG)
    Dove: The Assassins

        Damage: 370
        Accuracy: 89.1
        Rate of Fire: 5.5
        Reload: 1.9
        Magazine capacity: 49
        Cost: $ 79,635

    Pacifying Pitchfork (Sniper Rifle)
    Dove: You. Will. Die. (Seriously)

        Damage: 690
        Accuracy: 97.2
        Rate of Fire: 6.7
        Reload: 3.1
        Magazine capacity: 18
        Cost: $ 95,947

    Legendary Weapons - Vendor: Tediore

    Super Gunderang (Pistol)
    Dove: Rack Man

        Damage: 557
        Accuracy: 90.1
        Rate of Fire: 4.8
        Reload: 0.9
        Magazine capacity: 27
        Cost: $ 50,010

    New and Improved Deliverance (Shotgun)

        Damage: 256 x 6
        Accuracy: 66.9
        Rate of Fire: 1.6
        Reload: 1.9
        Magazine capacity: 9
        Cost: $ 56,160

    Stocking Bunny (Lanciarazzi)
    Where: fat people (enemies)

        Damage: 7049
        Accuracy: 75.3
        Rate of Fire: 1.0
        Reload: 1.7
        Magazine capacity: 3
        Cost: $ 136,147

    Legendary Weapons - Vendor: Hyperion

    Practical Conference Call (Shotgun)

        Damage: 246 x 7
        Accuracy: 70.4
        Rate of Fire: 4.3
        Reload: 2.7
        Magazine capacity: 10
        Cost: $ 86,430

    Rightsizing Bitch (SMG)
    Where: BNK3R

        Damage: 303
        Accuracy: 97.0
        Rate of Fire: 8.7
        Reload: 2.1
        Magazine capacity: 48
        Cost: $ 106,210

    Legendary Weapons - Vendor: Torgue

    Nasty KerBlaster (Assault Rifle)
    Dove: Warmong, Southern Shelf

        Damage: 1519
        Accuracy: 89.9
        Rate of Fire: 2.3
        Reload: 3.1
        Magazine capacity: 29
        Cost: $ 101,805

    Derp Nukem (Lanciarazzi)
    Dove: Black Queen

        Damage: 20093
        Accuracy: 73.3
        Rate of Fire: 0.7
        Reload: 7.3
        Magazine capacity: 4
        Cost: $ 158,662

    Juicy Flakker (Shotgun)

        Damage: 768 x 3
        Accuracy: 15.6
        Rate of Fire: 0.4
        Reload: 3.9
        Magazine capacity: 12
        Cost: $ 78,022

    Legendary Weapons - Vendor: Jakobs

    Dastardly Maggie (Pistol)
    Dove: Mick Zaford

        Damage: 270 x 6
        Accuracy: 81.2
        Rate of Fire: 11.5
        Reload: 1.7
        Magazine capacity: 10
        Cost: $ 76,957

    Skoakum Skullmasher (Sniper Rifle)
    Dove: Son of Mothrakk

        Damage: 499 x 5
        Accuracy: 85.5
        Rate of Fire: 2.6
        Reload: 4.0
        Magazine capacity: 9
        Cost: $ 135,952

    Legendary Weapons - Vendor: Vladof

    Swift Shredifier (Fucile d'assalto)
    Dove: Bone Head 2.0, Arid Nexus

        Damage: 305
        Accuracy: 88.9
        Rate of Fire: 15.7
        Reload: 2.7
        Magazine capacity: 83
        Cost: $ 101,805

    Paritisan Mongol (Rocket Launcher)
    Dove: Demon Hunter

        Damage: 4739
        Accuracy: 80.2
        Rate of Fire: 1.4
        Reload: 4.6
        Magazine capacity: 6
        Cost: $ 155,625

    Britva Lyudmila (Sniper Rifle)
    Dove: The Good, The Bad, and the Mordecai

        Damage: 812
        Accuracy: 95.8
        Rate of Fire: 5.7
        Reload: 3.1
        Magazine capacity: 27
        Cost: $ 98,437



    Granate Standard

    Common grenade, explodes normally.
    Manufacturer: Bandit, Tediore

    It will explode into many smaller grenades as it increases the range.
    Manufacturer: Torgue, Bandit

    Bouncing Betty
    It will bounce in a random direction and explode, targeting bullets at enemies.
    Manufacturer: Dahl

    Area of ​​Effect
    Anything close to him will take damage.
    Manufacturer: Valdof

    It will draw enemies in the area close to you before exploding!
    Manufacturer: Hyperion

    It will extract life from enemies hit within its range.
    Manufacturer: Clear

    Legendary Grenades

    Bonus Package
    The bonus consists of the mini grenades released on the explosion, you will also get some extra damage.
    Manufacturer: Torgue

    Bouncing Bonnie
    It will keep bouncing until it hits something. It does some extra damage.
    Manufacturer: Dahl

    Offers a bonus in damage dealt and casting distance.
    Manufacturer: Tediore

    It involves electrical damage and singularity.
    Manufacturer: Hyperion

    Fire Bee
    It practically acts as a flamethrower.
    Manufacturer: Vladof

    Rolling Thunder
    It will explode with each bounce and do extra damage.
    Manufacturer: Torgue

    It will explode into smaller grenades which will cause cold damage.
    Manufacturer: Clear

    Storm front
    Manufacturer: Vladof

    Rare grenades

    Fuster Cluck
    Manufacturer: Bandit

    Kiss of Death
    It explodes into smaller grenades, deals extra damage, and gains some health.



    Rare shields, breastplates, armor

    1340 Shield
    You will have the opportunity to absorb enemy proittiles and add them to the inventory.
    Manufacturer: Vladof

    The "Fight for Life" mode increases by 10% for an Aequita in your party. You will also have the option to absorb enemy proittiles and add them to your inventory.
    Manufacturer: Vladof

    Doing damage with a melee attack will regenerate some life. When the shield is depleted you will do extra damage.
    Manufacturer: Bandit

    Pot O 'Gold
    Manufacturer: Bandit

    Deadly Boom
    When the shield or life is low, it will release an explosion.
    Manufacturer: Torgue

    Love Thumper
    When the shield runs out, melee attacks do more damage.

    Flame of the Firehawk
    When it runs out, it continually launches nova explosions.
    Manufacturer: Clear


    Shields, breastplates, Legendary armor

    The Transformer
    You will have the opportunity to absorb enemy proittiles and add them to the inventory.
    Manufacturer: Vladof

    The Bee
    When fully charged, you will deal extra damage with the next hit.
    Manufacturer: Hyperion

    The Sham
    Manufacturer: Vladof

    Fabled Tortoise
    When it runs out, the movement speed increases.
    Manufacturer: Pangolin

    Whiskey Tango Foxtrot
    Manufacturer: Dahl

    Black Hole
    Releases an electric nova burst when it runs out.
    Manufacturer: Clear

    You will gain an amount of elemental resistance equivalent to the damage taken in the last hit. It also regenerates some of the health.
    Fabbricante: Anshin

    When you take damage from enemy projectiles, it will launch corrosive spikes.
    Manufacturer: Clear


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