Wolfenstein The New Order - Trophy List + Secret Trophies [PS3-PS4]

Wolfenstein The New Order - Trophy List + Secret Trophies [PS3-PS4]


Here is the list of Wolfenstein: The New Order Trophies for Playstation 3

Bronze Silver Gold Platinum



Shiny objects
Collect 25 gold items
The lives of others
Retrieve all the letters
Scout I
Unlock Stealth Talent 1
Knife throw
Unlock Stealth Talent 2
Knife sheath +
Unlock Stealth Talent 3
Knife sheath ++
Unlock Stealth Talent 4
Silent shots
Unlock Stealth Talent 5
Unlock Stealth Talent 6
Scout II
Unlock Stealth Talent 7
Hawk eye
Unlock Tactical Talent 1
Quick extraction
Unlock Tactical Talent 2
Quick regeneration
Unlock Tactical Talent 3
Gun magazine +
Unlock Tactical Talent 4
Shotgun magazine +
Unlock Tactical Talent 5
Assault Rifle Magazine +
Unlock Tactical Talent 6
Sniper Rifle Magazine +
Unlock Tactical Talent 7
Double charging
Unlock Assault Talent 1
Resistance I
Unlock Assault Talent 2
Unlock Assault Talent 3
Heavy armaments
Unlock Assault Talent 4
Resistance II
Unlock Assault Talent 5
Unlock Assault Talent 6
Battery +
Unlock Assault Talent 7
Launch to the sender
Unlock Demolition Talent 1
Portagranate +
Unlock Demolition Talent 2
Portagranate ++
Unlock Demolition Talent 3
Unlock Demolition Talent 4
Rocket supply +
Unlock Demolition Talent 5
Unlock Demolition Talent 6
Unlock Demolition Talent 7
Complete the game on I'M THE REAPER difficulty! (or UBER)
Uber hero
Complete the game on UBER difficulty
Golden Heart
Collect all gold items
Secrets Revealed I
Solve the 1st Enigma code
Secrets revealed II
Solve the 2st Enigma code
Secrets revealed III
Solve the 3st Enigma code
Secrets Revealed IV
Solve the 4st Enigma code
Unlock Stealth Talent 8
Quick charge
Unlock Tactical Talent 8
Double Weapon Expert
Unlock Assault Talent 8
Unlock Demolition Talent 8
Complete the game on any difficulty
Wolfenstein Master
Collect all trophies


Wolfenstein: The New Order Secret Trophies

Machine guns
Save the allied planes
Long live the resistance!
Identify the resistance
Laser power
Find the LaserKraftWerk
Hiding in the depths
Find the underwater crypt
Fergus is still flying
Choose to save Fergus
Save Private Wyatt
Choose to save Wyatt
London Uprising
Defeat the London Monitor
Free an old friend

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