WWE 13 Trophy Guide [Platinum PS3]

    WWE 13 Trophy Guide [Platinum PS3]

    WWE 13 Trophy Guide [Platinum PS3]


    Here is the complete solution to unlock all trophies of WWE '13. In this guide, the tips from Resources4gaming.com to unlock all achievements and reach Platinum on Playstation 3.


    - The winner is you!
    Win 10 Ranked Matches.
    Simply win 10 online ranked matches and the result is yours.

    - End of the Streak
    Beat The Undertaker in WrestleMania with the Made Superstar on Legend difficulty. (Single)
    For this Trophy, you need to create a character and play in universe mode (exhibition, sadly it doesn't count) and defeat The Undertaker at WrestleMania.
    The difficulty level is quite high, but with a little practice it shouldn't be a problem to get this trophy. Setting the Infinite Finisher in the meeting settings can help you.

    - King of the world
    Reach the highest rank online.
    To unlock this trophy you will need to go up to rank 15.
    Special matches such as those in the cage earn you many more points, or alternatively, to reach the level faster, play with a diva's.
    If you want you can also play with a friend, so you will make things a little easier.

    - Gold regime
    Win WWE, WCW and ECW titles with the same Superstar.
    The WCW title unlocks in Attitude Era mode (Off Script chapter). The ECW is unlocked in WWE Universe mode (DO NOT edit the match card, you will have the title at the end of the match.) After you have unlocked these 3 titles, to speed things up, go to Wwe Universe> Edit Universe> Edit Titles and assign all 3 belts to your Superstar.

    - Invincible man
    Win at least 20 matches on Hard difficulty or higher. (Single)
    To unlock this trophy, you must win at least 20 matches at the hard level or higher.
    Doing all of this might seem difficult, but it isn't; As you set the settings, give your player infinite Finisher and crush the enemy until you win.
    Now repeat everything and the result will be yours.

    - Never misses an opportunity
    WWE Universe: Collect Money in the Bank and win with a Created Superstar. (Single)
    With your superstar created, you win money in the bank and as soon as you get the chance, play your chance to fight for the belt.
    Successfully complete the match and this trophy will be yours.

    - Old veteran
    Reach rank 10 online.
    Refer to the "King of the World" result for more help.

    - Berserker
    Break a total of 50 tables, ladders and chairs, using them for attacks. (Single)
    During your career you will be able to break hundreds of objects, so you will most likely unlock it with the natural progression of the game.
    Alternatively, play a simple 1 vs 1, perhaps with special conditions, and use all the objects you find to complete the result.

    - Mr. Money in the Bank
    WWE Universe: Win a Money in the Bank match with a Created Superstar. (Single)
    Refer to the Never Miss a Chance result for more help.

    - comeback!
    Successfully perform a Comeback move. (Single)
    Select a fighter who has the "Comeback" move and get a little beaten up until you are completely down; now you will have to see the writing appear, execute it and the result will be yours. VIDEO AVAILABLE

    - The event of a lifetime
    WWE Universe: Enter WrestleMania with a Created Superstar. (Single)
    Refer to the "End of Streak" result for more help.

    - Winning combination!
    Use a Special Insult, perform a Finisher and back your opponent. (Single)
    As soon as your opponent is on the ground, use the special insult (you should see your character preparing to perform the final move), then give him the thanksgiving blow with the finishing blow and pin him to unlock the result.

    - One of the greats of history
    Exhibition: Defeat a Superstar with his Attitude Era version on def. Legend. (Single)
    Play in exhibition mode at the legend level and select a choose a fighter who has an attitude version (it would be an old version of the character), choose the same character as an opponent in a modern version and win the match to unlock the result.

    - I keep evolving!
    Exhibition: With a Superstar, defeat his Attitude Era version on def. Legend. (Single)
    Do the exact opposite of the "One of the greats of history" result.

    - A legend begins
    Win at least 1 matches on Hard difficulty or higher. (Single)
    Refer to the "Invincible Man" result for more help.

    - I fight brilliantly
    Performance: With the Limb Target System, hit the same part 10 or more times. (Single)
    When the opponent is on the ground use the target limb system on a part of the body and hit it; repeat everything 10 times during the same match and the result will be yours.

    - Negotiator
    Exhibition: Force an opponent to "I Quit" in an "I Quit" match. (Single)
    Start an "I Quit" match, setting the infinite Finisher will make everything easier. Keep beating your opponent, use the B button on 360 / Circle on PS3 to ask for the Quit. Win the match and this trophy will be yours. AVAILABLE VIDEO

    - All original baby!
    Using a Crafted Superstar, fight for a Crafted Championship in a Crafted Arena.
    Create a fighter, belt and arena (or download all creations from the community).
    Start the match and the result will be yours.

    - The ring is my home!
    Play a match in a Created Arena in Create an Arena mode.
    Refer to the result "All original baby!" for more help.

    - rising star
    Reach rank 5 online.
    Refer to the "King of the World" result for more help.

    - Original story created
    Create a Story with a Created Superstar or a Created Arena.
    Create a story and add your character or an arena you have created to it, finish finishing the last few options and finish everything to create a story. Start it and the result will be yours.

    - Hooligan del ring
    Break a total of 20 tables, ladders and chairs, using them for attacks. (Single)
    Refer to the "Berserker" result for more help.

    - Ropes reached!
    Crawl to the ropes to escape submission. (Single)
    While you are undergoing a submission hold it is possible to crawl towards the ropes (look for the ones closest to you) to trigger the rope break (your opponent is forced to let you go), once done, the result will be yours.

    - A Superstar is born!
    WWE Universe: Win a match using a Created Superstar. (Single)
    Playing in WWE Universe mode, select your created fighter and win a match to unlock the achievement.

    - Arenas designer
    Create an arena in Create an Arena mode.
    Create an arena in Create an Arena mode to unlock the achievement.

    - Watch my video Entry!
    Create a video in Create Entry mode.
    Create an entrance video, choosing various options in the Create an Entrance mode to unlock the result.

    - Logo Wizard
    In Create a Logo mode create an image and attribute it to any created content.
    Go to the superstars edit mode, select a tattoo option and place it anywhere on your fighter's body; once you're done, select finalize (at the bottom of the left-most menu), and once the character is loaded, accept the application to unlock the achievement.

    - This is exclusive!
    Create an Exclusive Front, Top Chord and Corner Move.
    Self explanatory, you can find it in the WWE Creation> Special Move> New Special Move menu.
    Create 3 exclusive moves, one frontal, one from the ropes and another at the corner to unlock the result.

    - The champ is here!
    Create a title belt in Create a Championship.
    For some strange reason, to create a belt you don't have to go to the creation menu, but you need to go to the "My WWE" section, then "Title Management" and finally select a "Vacant" title.
    From there, create and save a belt to unlock the achievement.

    - Create and destroy
    Exhibition: In the title match, use the Crafted Belt to attack the opponent. (Single)
    You will probably unlock it while playing for the "All original baby!" Result, but if not, play a title match, take the belt you created and use it to hit your opponent.
    Once this is done, the result will be yours.

    - Awesome!
    Take a photo in Create Highlights mode.
    As per description. Watch the video. AVAILABLE VIDEO

    - A fresh start
    Play an online match (player match / ranked match).
    Simply play an online match and you will immediately unlock the result.

    - In the circle of creators
    Your content in Community Creations must be rated at least 5 times.
    Go to Community Creation and select Upload.
    Be sure to put in easy words to make it easier for people to find the content you have posted.
    Once your creation has reached 5 reviews in total, the result will unlock.

    - Critical
    Rate 5 or more pieces of content on Community Creations.
    Simply rate and review 5 or more creations from the Community Creations menu.
    It is not necessary to download the content, just give a vote and a comment.

    - Improvised story over!
    Complete the "Improvised Story".
    Finish the extra chapter by completing the 10 encounters in "Attitude Era" mode to unlock the achievement.

    - Road to WrestleMania XV finita!
    Complete the "Road to WrestleMania XV" story.
    Finish the sixth and final chapter by completing the 7 encounters in the "Attitude Era" mode to unlock the achievement.

    - Damn!
    Destroy the ring with an OMG move. (Single)
    Select 2 large fighters, such as Big Show and Mark Henry and throw one of the 2 in the corner; perform a superplex from the last string to collapse the ring and get the result. AVAILABLE VIDEO

    - Mankind over!
    Complete the "Mankind" story.
    Finish the fifth chapter by completing the 7 encounters in the "Attitude Era" mode to unlock the achievement.

    - Attention
    Counterattack a Finishing Move. (Single)
    As soon as your opponent is ready to make his finishing move on you, successfully counterattack his move and the result is yours.

    - The Great One finita!
    Complete the story "The Great One".
    Finish the fourth chapter by completing the 8 encounters in the "Attitude Era" mode to unlock the achievement.

    - Like a car crash!
    Exhibition: Break the barricade in two places in a single match. (Single)
    With your opponent out of the ring and throw him into a protective barricade, you should now see the word "OMG" appear, indicating that you can perform a special move, do it and break the barricade.
    Repeat it all once more, making sure you break the protection again and the result is unlocked.

    - Never let your guard down
    Exhibition: Perform an Air Finisher. (Single) 
    This is quite difficult Trophy. Many recommend using Rey Mysterio as an OPPONENT, given his propensity to throw himself. See how this move is done, here are a couple of videos:
    AVAILABLE VIDEO (alternative)

    - Brothers of Destruction finita!
    Complete the "Brothers of Destruction" story.
    Finish the third chapter by completing the 15 encounters in "Attitude Era" mode to unlock the achievement.

    - Is the Rattlesnake coming ?!
    Win by slamming an opponent on the window in Backstage Brawl. (Single)
    From the menu select Backstage Brawl as arena and Hallway East area and start the match.
    As soon as you start you should see the window on the right side of the screen; throw the opponent at and get close to perform a final move (if you want you can put the option of infinite special moves), do it and you will unlock the result. AVAILABLE VIDEO

    - Austin 3:16 over!
    Complete the "Austin 3:16" story.
    Finish the second chapter by completing the 7 encounters in the "Attitude Era" mode to unlock the achievement.

    - Yes! Yes! Yes!
    Exhibition: Use Daniel Bryan and defeat Sheamus. (Single)
    It explains itself, play a quick match 1 vs 1, select Daniel Bryan and beat Sheamus to get the result.

    - OH!
    Break the reporters table with an OMG move. (Single)
    Go outside the ring, and walk to the commentator table.
    The easiest way to get this trophy is to get on the table by yourself with a finished move memorized and ready to use, wait for your opponent to follow you on it, and as soon as you see "OMG" execute the super move to break the table and unlock the result.

    - The rise of DX is over!
    Complete the Rise of the DX story.
    Finish the first chapter by completing the 12 encounters in "Attitude Era" mode to unlock the achievement.

    Thanks for reading, I hope I have been helpful.

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