Trabajar desde casa leyendo - Cómo ganar dinero leyendo

Trabajar desde casa leyendo - Cómo ganar dinero leyendo

Good morning girls! After the publication of the last article "How to make money writing", you have inundated me with requests for further information on the subject (I promise an article in the very short term) and you have asked me in many if there is a way to work from home and make money by READING BOOKS.

As usual I have read and replied to each of you personally, but given the great interest on the subject, I have decided to publish a post for the benefit of all.

Logically, you can't earn with the simple action of reading, but you need to apply yourself in something related to the world of reading such as reviews, reading recommendations, services related to the world of books.

How To Earn By Reading Books – Method 1: The Platforms

Your requests prompted me to do some research online and browsing here and there I discovered that there are also platforms in this field that offer compensation in exchange for carrying out a job. In most cases these sites require the written production of reviews of books in exchange for "vouchers" to spend on the purchase of the same.

Often, to enter the business you need to produce a set number of test reviews and, once inside, maintain a certain consistency to stay within the platform.

Ciertamente it is not a method that allows you to get rich…but if you are a bookworm, with these vouchers you can satisfy all your reading whims and reduce your crazy spending in Feltrinelli to zero.

I leave you the link of one of the platforms I'm referring to (this is one of the many I found from a google search, there are many others): -to-read-in-colours/

How To Make Money Reading Books – Method 2: Review as a Freelance

Remaining within the scope of testimonios you can do the same job come Freelance for publishing houses or by relying on a platform such as Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer. Here look, I'm doing a search right now on Fiverr (how does Fiverr work?): there are more than 90 offers related to book review services. What are you waiting for to add yourself too? In this case the money is real, not "shopping vouchers".

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Trabajar desde casa leyendo - Cómo ganar dinero leyendo

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How To Make Money Reading Books – Method 3: Create your own business

As always, the thing I recommend most strongly is to crea tu propio negocio, through which you can earn on several fronts by offering your best service.

Too many of you have written to me telling me that you review books for other people's blogs, for public events for channels from which you earn nothing either in economic terms or in terms of visibility. Just do charity! It's time to put something together for you!

Starting from your website (or your social channel) that you use to share your love of reading, it's not complicated to set up a mechanism to earn from advertising and affiliations. I'll leave you the link to the article in which I explain how affiliate marketing works, in this case I'm talking about Amazon but it can also be established with other online stores and, why not, it can also be offered to physical stores and small businesses .

To this you can add a gain that depends on the services you offer, which can be the most varied: from summaries of classic novels for students, to the personalized top ten books to read, from the creation of a “book club”-type subscription service, to the organization of themed evenings for children (with books about princesses, superheroes…) and kids (Iliad, Odyssey, The Betrothed…).

These are just a few examples invented on the spot by someone who reads but is certainly not a bookworm. I'm sure the true black belts of the press will have far more brilliant ideas. On purpose…

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Trabajar desde casa leyendo - Cómo ganar dinero leyendo

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