Alien Isolation Weapons Guide

    Guide to find all the weapons of Alien Isolation [PS4-Xbox One-360-PS3-PC]

    Alien Isolation Weapons Guide


    This is the art of making do to survive ... and to kill.

    Alien Isolation Weapons Guide

    The hostile environment that we will encounter in Alien Isolation will not be discounted. Hiding won't always be the only way to stay alive, but sometimes it will also take your claws out. Here is our guide to help you find the few weapons we will have available to repel the Alien.

    Wrench - it is impossible not to find it because it serves to advance in history. You will find it in the cells of the immigration office, next to a body.

    Torch - is in Axek's room, even in this case it is impossible not to take it.

    Revolver - you can find the Revolver in Lorenz Systech Spire, in the Facility Control area. It is located in the technical support room, on top of a table. After you lose your weapons, you can find the Revolver again. After you get to the central reactor of the Engineering Deck, look near the vending machine. You will find it in the box next to the recorder. WATCH THE VIDEO

    Electric Tonfa - is in the medical facility, stuck in the door of the environmental control. It will be very useful against androids, it needs batteries to work. WATCH THE VIDEO

    Gas torch - after escaping from the medical center and returning to Samuels you will encounter some Marshals. You will then have to restart the tram to leave the area. After taking the elevator to go up, use the computers on the maintenance deck and the screens will turn red. When this happens, a door near the elevator will open and a boy with a gun will come out. Kill him and then head back into the room to find the flashlight on the work table.
    1st Upgrade: You will get an upgrade for this weapon when you try to restore distribution access in Gemini Exoplanet Solutions. The upgrade is located under a camera next to the corpse.
    2nd upgrade: the latest upgrade at the Engineering Floor of the Maintenance deck. It is located in the room on the left in the Workshop area.

    Flamethrower - is found in the Marshal's office after playing as a prisoner. You will have a second chance to catch it on the way to the central reactor. After getting off the elevator you can see him on a chest before the Alien's lair.

    Shotgun - after trapping the Alien and returning to the Sevastopol station you can take the shotgun on the way back to the Marshal. Exiting the shaft you will find a door with some steps leading to a body. Near the body there is the card that is used to exit and the rifle. You will have a second chance to catch it on the way to the central reactor. After climbing the first ladder in the area, you will find it on a chest. WATCH THE VIDEO

    BoltGun - is located on the maintenance deck. When you have the objective of unlocking the shutter you will reach a console, the boltgun is on a table nearby. WATCH THE VIDEO


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