All GTA V finals (SPOILER)

GTA 5: Finals Guide and Best Finale [360-PS3]


Ladies and Gentlemen .... welcome to the guide more spoilerly SPOILERANT that was ever written about Grand Theft Auto V. How many are there, what are they and how do you get the alternative endings of GTA 5. You are all warned, the guide CONTAINS SPOILERS. And if it is your habit to skip the introductions of the articles to read in the center of the page (thus losing this whole part in which I notice the presence of SPOILERS), well, ca * @ * + l * çzzi yours!

All GTA V finals (SPOILER)

Did I mention that SPOILERS follow??? Well, let's get started.

GTA 5 is the first installment in the series that contains multiple alternate endings. The possible endings are 3 and let's immediately say that they do not depend in any way on the actions performed during the story, but are activated based on a single choice made at the end of the same, precisely when Devin goes to Franklin's house.

Switch to Franklin and go to the usual yellow marker on the ground. At this point the doorbell will ring, open the front door to see Devin in a tracksuit.

He will say that he wants you to kill Michael, but Franklin will protest that he does not, and will also say that the FIB wants to kill Trevor instead. Devin will then say that you have three options: killing Trevor for the FIB, killing Michael for Devin or the idiotic option of saving both of them.

At this point Devin leaves, you will open your cell phone and you will have to choose between the 3 options.

Final A: kill Trevor
In this ending Franklin chooses to kill Trevor on behalf of the FIB. You will launch into a long chase, do not try to finish it by shooting from the car because this will never happen. Follow him until an intermission scene starts. Then you will have to finish it. After you see this ending Trevor will no longer be available to play. Here is a video showing this ending.

Final B: kill Michael
In this ending Franklin chooses to kill Michael. Also in this case there will be a chase, and also this time it is useless to try to kill him immediately by shooting from the car. Keep playing and following the events, know that whatever choice you make in the end, the ending will always be the same. After you see this ending Michael will no longer be available to play. Here is a video showing this ending.

Final C: make a fool of yourself
It seems that the best ending is this. All 3 of our crime favorites survive happily ever after, and even the final mission with this choice is longer and more complex than the others. Also, only with this choice, after finishing the story you can continue to use all 3 characters.

With this option you decide to fight against the FIB and Merryweather at the same time, and it won't be easy. In the video below you can see both how to complete the mission and the actual final sequence.

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