All Watch Dogs endings

Watch Dogs Finals and BEST FINAL Guide [PS4-Xbox One-360-PS3-PC]


Haven't you finished Watch Dogs yet? Don't worry, you are in good company. A CNN study (does CNN study this stuff?) Reveals that 90% of players who start a game never finish it, ever.

All Watch Dogs endings

Watch Dogs also offers us multiple endings and now we will see what they are and how they are unlocked. Therefore,



The possible endings in the game are 4 and what you will see depends on what you will do with the buttons to press at the end of the game, on the lighthouse. Precisely you will have:

Final 1: wrong to trigger the explosion (first button)
Final 2: hit the first button correctly, but fail to kill Jordie (second button)
Final 3: hit the key correctly, kill Jordie, but fail to shoot Damien (third key).
Final 4 (best): press all buttons correctly

Remember that if you make a mistake on one of the buttons, to try again you can always open your mobile phone (UP key of the directional cross on the pad) and go to the menu that allows you to replay the missions.

Here is a video showing all the possible endings

Credits: in the first 5 minutes of credits you see news indicating that the ctOS is still online. Aiden is seen helping people as a Vigilante, but this may be due to your reputation at the end of the game. So please report if you see anything different in this part.

After the first 5 minutes you will have the option to kill Maurice. It is thought that this choice will be linked in the following Watch Dogs 2 through the import of the saves, DedSec could have a leading role and is probably the organization to which Maurice refers.

Post-credits: after the choice on Maurice other credits will pass (about 15 minutes, tsk !!!), and then another scene that refers to ctOS 2 will start, then Watch Dogs 2 will follow.

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