All red bricks from Lego The Hobbit

Lego The Hobbit - Red Bricks Guide [infinite life, multipliers, etc]


Here are the tricks, the real ones.

All red bricks from Lego The Hobbit

As explained in the cheat codes guide to unlock some of the Lego The Hobbit characters, also in this new chapter of the Lego series (as well as in Lego the Movie) the tricks like invincibility, coin multipliers, etc. they can only be unlocked and used by finding the corresponding red brick during the game. This means that there is no code for these tricks.

In this guide we see then where all the red bricks are of Lego The Hobbit that allow you to activate the tricks of the game.

Remember that using cheats does NOT prevent you from unlocking achievements and trophies, so use them as and when you like without worries.

To unlock the red bricks and have the opportunity to buy them by spending a certain amount of tokens, we will almost always have to complete special secondary quests. These missions are highlighted on the map with a red question mark and often require you to return a particular item to the character who assigned you the quest. When you do, you will have the red brick as a reward.

If you arrive in the marked area and do not find the character who has to assign you the mission, there are two possible causes: the first is that you are at the wrong time (some quests can only be started at certain times of the day, only during the day or only at night), the second is that there are side missions you need to complete FIRST to be able to face the mission of the red brick (these missions are always in the vicinity anyway).

Below is a video showing how to get the red bricks and a list that contains, in order:

  • the minute of the video where you can see where each red brick is
  • the trick that is activated with that red brick
  • the object to find to complete the quest
  • indications of where that object is located

1:11 Token multiplier x2 - Mithril Flail - (Hobbiton daytime)
1:31 Token multiplier x4 - Shadow Blade
2:13 Token multiplier x6 - Construction Hat (Moria)
2:29 Coin multiplier x 8 - Beanstalk (Bree)
2:53 Coin multiplier x 10 - Candle Staff - (Elven Forest)
3:22 Disguises - Warhammer (Erebor)
3:46 Boss disguise - Booty Blade (Lake-town)
4:09 Minikit Seeker - Bandit Gloves (Thranduils Kingdom)
4:37 Miniature characters - Snowapult - (Carthage)
5:10 Build fast - Fishing Pole (between Bree and Hobbiton)
5:29 Attract tokens - Mithril Mirror Armor - Lake Town
5:52 Regenerate Life / Hearts - Stud Spade - (Hobbiton)
6:17 Character tokens - Dance Boots (Hobbiton)
6:46 Invincibility - Falcon - (Rivendell)
7:13 Mithril Hearts - Skull Cap (Dol Guldur)
7:35 Poo tokens -- Giddy-up Staff (Bree)
7:57 8 Bit Music - Mithril Bomb Blade (Dale)
8:21 Middle Earth Carnival - Skeleton Crank - (Radagast's House)
9:10 Snake Flails - Multi-Bow (Thranduils Kingdom)
9:43 Super Slap - Mushroom Crown - (Bree)
10:05 Save fall - Claws -- (The High Fells)
10:26 Mithril brick detector - Music Kit - (The High Fells)
10:42 Attract loot --Megapult-(Bree)
11:01 Double loot - Horse Shoes (Bree)
11:21 Perfect forge - Pixkaxe (Hobbiton)
11:44 Treasure detector - Slippers - (Rivendell)
12:06 Always find rubies - Wraith Armor (Dol Guldur)
12:29 Always Find Diamonds - Hammerhands (Lake Town)
12:55 Always find Gold - Rhythm Stick (The High Fells)
13:27 Always find Emeralds - Fireworks Bow - (Elven Forest)
14:01 Always find Sapphires - Catchphrase Mallet - (Hobbiton) (requires Character Token cheat)
14:25 Always find Silver - Tornado Ax - (Erebor) (Disguise cheat required)

Here is the video. Follow it with the help of the list and you can have all the red bricks / tricks of Lego The Hobbit

Frequently asked questions and answers

Each and every collectible colored brick can be found by completing a quest for someone on the HUB planet.
You must find a character who is willing to give you a colored brick in exchange for a Mithril item.

Studs x10 - Candle with Care (Elven Forest, Night) Found directly east of the eagle sculpture.
Bring the elf lady here the Mithril Candle Staff to unlock the Studs x10 brick.

Compilation of frequently asked questions that our users have sent us and that our experts have answered.

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