Max Payne 3 - How to activate cheats [infinite ammo, bullet time and others]

Max Payne 3 - How to activate cheats [infinite ammo, bullet time and others]


In Max Payne 3, like most Rockstar games, it's possible activate the cheats from the options menu. However, these tricks must first be unlocked.

And how can you unlock them?

Simply complete the game on Hardcore difficulty with manual aim to unlock the invincibility trick (one hit one dead) which will allow you to kill enemies with the first bullet.

By completing the game on Hard difficulty with manual aiming, you will get the trick of the Infinto Painkiller.

For the record, I must also tell you that some users claim that the tricks are also unlocked by collecting the clues and parts of the golden weapons (follow the dedicated guides to find them all) while others confirm that only the two listed above are unlocked.

If you find out anything, use the forum to let everyone know.


It actually looks like it's possible to unlock more cheats, here's a full rundown:

Pain Killers infiniti Complete the game on HARD difficulty with manual aim
One shot one kill Complete the game on HARDCORE difficulty with manual aim
Infinite Ammo Trick Find all golden weapons (guide to find all weapon pieces)
Infinite Bullet Time Makeup Gold medal or higher in every level in Arcade mode
Bullet Cam on every kill Find all the clues. (guide to find all the clues)

Frequently asked questions and answers

One Deadly Blow: Successfully complete the Perfect Story mode on Hardcore complexity.
Unlimited Ammo: Collect each and every piece of the golden gun.
Unlimited BulletTime: Achieve a gold medal in each and every Arcade mode level.

Answer: In order to see which legal cheats are free in the single player perfect mode, go to the episode selection in the perfect story mode.
Scrolling through the cheats will bring up a description of how to unlock them.
As long as you are using cheats, stat submissions and trophies/achievements will be disabled.

Note: The cheats can be activated when returning to play any level by using the "Level Selection" option.
Activating the cheats will prevent achievements from being earned.
Alternate Costumes: Successfully complete Perfect Story mode on Medium complexity or higher to unlock 15 of Max's costumes from the story.

Bullet Time appears in Max Payne three's multiplayer as one of the premiere streaks.
When employed in Max Payne three's new multiplayer mode, Bullet Time marches out of line of sight with other gamers.
The moment a player enters Bullet Time anyone they see, and anyone who sees them, will incur a slowdown.

Compilation of frequently asked questions that our users have sent us and that our experts have answered.

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