Deus Ex Human Revolution - Come avere Praxis and XP infiniti

Deus Ex Human Revolution - Come avere Praxis and XP infiniti

Many many XP, easy easy.


We continue the series of articles dedicated to Deus Ex Human Revolution and this time it is to reveal to you a glitch that will allow you to have practically infinite XP and Praxis for character enhancement.

Having a lot of XP also means having a lot of Praxis and thanks to these you can upgrade your character much faster.

In the video we are about to offer you everything is explained well, but it is in English, so let's fix the key points. Here's what you need to do to rack up a lot of easy XP:

  • First of all you have to play the first mission of the game (the one in which you have to recover the Typhon, after the prologue). at the end of this you will have obtained 2 or more Praxis;
  • After completing this mission you will talk to Sarif. Once you leave his office you will hear the voice on the speaker asking you to go to Jensen's office (i.e. yours), go there and you will find them in Jensen's terminal (the one used in the video);
  • Use the Praxis to upgrade the Hacking: Capture skill to level 3 (you will need 2 Praxis to do this);
  • Hack Jensen's computer and do exactly what is done in the video we are about to propose to you;

I point out that in the video at the fourth node a "Nuke" is used to slow down time, if you don't use it it will be impossible to succeed in the hack without getting caught.

Now watch the video and see how many XP you can earn with this process.

At the time of writing the guide the glitch works, but like all glitches of this type it is likely to be corrected with any patches downloaded for the game.

Glitch XP infiniti su Deus Ex Human Revolution
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