Battle Breakers, the review

Those who follow the mobile videogame market with a little attention (but also without too much attention, to tell the truth), will have already understood more or less what this game corresponds to, however the coat of arms of the developers and the size of the production requires us to learn more about it with this Battle Breakers review.

Lots of characters, assorted waifu, maps with sequential levels, turn-based combat, combatant management and summons: there are all the classic ingredients that have now defined the genre in an extremely standardized way.Mobile strategic RPG in recent years, practically without any original flicker in this case but with considerable care in the realization of the whole. It's a little funny that the "passion project, developed by a small team of Epic Games", as the publisher defines this game with some pride, is ultimately a title that seems to come out of an industrial mold modeled by paying close attention to not to go out of the way at all, however, arriving largely late on the market. From a brand of this caliber, perhaps we would have expected something more courageous and original as the fruit of passion from small detachments of developers, but the intent of Battle Breakers is clear, and follows the will of epic Games to set foot on that glowing and gluttonous battlefield represented by games free-to-play with micro-transactions on mobile platforms.

Battle Breakers, the review

From a technical point of view, the work carried out is almost flawless, but there remain several doubts about the effectiveness of an operation of this kind, which comes in net delay compared to a competition that is now well placed but perhaps less and less fierce precisely because the phenomenon seems to be waning. in the latter period. After having detected a sort of creative relaunch in the mobile field, above all thanks to the new business models and productions offered first of all by Apple Arcade and secondly by Google Play Pass, finding oneself in front of Battle Breakers gives the idea of ​​a clear step back in the evolutionary path of this industry, but this concerns precisely the product typology of a game of this kind, rather than its actual quality in terms of realization.

Collection, management and battle

Examples of similar titles can be found galore even on these pages, to stay on the most recent ones we mention Raid: Shadow Legends, AFK Arena, Valkyrie Anatomia, Epic Seven or even more peculiar derivations such as Looney Tunes: The World of Chaos, much to show how this type of game has become a real monolithic standard, in its basic structure, but applicable to different contexts. The story is the classic pretext to stage a fight of good against evil, in this case with demons and various creatures that emerge from crystals scattered around the world, but the presentation complete with an opening song really conveys some excellent trashy "Saturday morning cartoon" vibes, as Americans would call it. However, the structure has nothing not seen previously: it is about collecting various types of fighters who draw inspiration from fantasy both in Western and Japanese senses, obviously with a great abundance of more or less undressed girls who always enjoy a wide presence in the gacha games.

Battle Breakers, the review

Il gameplay is based on the typical facets of this hybrid genre, sorting the player's commitments between the battlefield, the management of the characters and the construction of infrastructures in which to invest money and resources to further strengthen their army and strengthen their presence in the world of game. The combat system it is turn-based and is limited to letting the player choose the character to use and the use of a standard or special attack, with the classic system of power relationships between elements in a paper-rock-scissor style, but also here very soon everything flattens with the use ofautoplay, therefore the strategic component is limited exclusively to the composition of the team to be deployed on the field and its arrangement on the boxes based on the classes of the heroes (tank, ranged, support and the like). The cycle is always the same: team composition and autoplay, mission after mission, until these become too difficult and then we think about the enhancement of the characters or some summoning, which however, as usual, tends to reward those who spend real money for the 'use of larger quantities of gems or participation in some timed "promotion". Basically, the grinding made game, which is what all this mobile genre is focused on, with the usual aggravating circumstance of the advantage derived from the spending of real money.

Beyond what you might think of tactical RPGs with elements porridge, there is no doubt that Battle Breakers is well done within this standard, which is demonstrated both by the average graphic quality, by the general characterization of the user interface, and by the integration of the various components into a rather organic whole.


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It may seem paradoxical but the total lack of originality of Battle Breakers is almost curious. From a knowledgeable company like Epic Games, even for a small secondary project, we might have expected a product less based on the slavish reproduction of standardized features found in dozens of other titles. What emerges is therefore the idea of ​​finding ourselves in front of a game that has already been widely seen, which has arrived on the market a little out of time, just when the mobile landscape begins to rediscover a considerable variety and freshness of different productions thanks also to new subscription services. If you are not tired of the genre yet, however, Battle Breakers certainly represents one of its best interpretations, also thanks to a good characterization a little 80s-style.


  • Very well-finished technically and perfectly academic in its canonical structure
  • Characterization vaguely in 80s cartoon style
  • All already widely seen in many other games of the genre
  • Gacha dynamics that point towards micro-transactions
  • The tutorial is not very clear, even if by now the characteristics are known
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