Blade of God: Vargr Souls, review

La Blade of God review: Vargr Souls comes at the end of a long development period for the title made by the Chinese team PG Souls Games, which has made its appearance in various events in recent years, always receiving praise and important awards.

The reasons for this success become clear immediately: behind the narrative contaminations of a plot inspired by Norse mythology, which tells of a clash between divinities that threatens to destroy the world, there is a very ambitious hack & slash, strongly inspired by classics. like God of War e devil may cry.

In the game we take on the role of Chaos, a warrior who intervenes in the divine clash to restore, uh, order but is initially defeated and must start his journey all over again, in the context of a campaign made up of six gradually more complex chapters.

The game can be downloaded free and allows you to complete the first internships, after which with a minimum in-app purchase of 4,49 euros you can unlock the complete experience: an approach that we believe is certainly right and that gives you the opportunity to try the title well before deciding whether to invest or minus your own money.


Undoubtedly the term "derivative" fits very well with gameplay of Blade of God: Vargr Souls, given that the mechanics that the game brings to the field are anything but original and represent in fact the attempt to demonstrate that even on mobile devices it is possible to offer a thick, frenetic and spectacular action experience like the titles to which this production is so evidently inspired.

Il controller unfortunately it is not supported, but there is a reason behind this choice: the developers have balanced all the elements on the basis of the touch controls, also inserting some assistance and automatic lock to make the fights easier, together with a large number of virtual buttons that sometimes create a bit of confusion.

A sacrifice necessary to make the protagonist's repertoire more varied, who in fact from the very beginning can count on basic shots but also and above all on a series of special maneuvers with relative cooldown times. By upgrading them and unlocking new ones in the course of the campaign, we will be able to obtain truly surprising results, invading the screen with deadly trails, gigantic astral projections and so on.

As a good action RPG, Blade of God: Vargr Souls punctually represents the hit points we subtract with each slash, emphasizing the use of dodge in style Bayonetta: by executing it with perfect timing we will be able to obtain an opening that will allow us to inflict even more damage on the opponent on duty, whether they are low-ranking enemies or large boss that close every single stage, and that must be "studied" a minimum in order to react to their attack routines.

The feeling is surprisingly good if we consider the touch controls and the great frenzy of some sequences, complete with a quick time event when it comes to closing the clashes and literally tearing up the opponents, but the camera automatic from time to time blunders and makes it difficult to follow the action decently, with all the consequences of the case.

Between one expedition and another, you can move within different city hubs, interacting with the inevitable merchants to purchase new items and organizing your inventory in order to equip the most effective weapons and armor. Obviously there is no lack of microtransactions to speed up the progression, but you can safely do without it.

Technical realization

From an ambitious project like Blade of God: Vargr Souls certain things are expected, especially in terms of artistic direction, and from this point of view the developers have not disappointed; although the game is still plagued by a certain amount of glitches, even and above all graphics, between interpenetrations and black bands that do not end where they should, giving a glimpse of an unpleasant "behind the scenes" that indicates poor optimization carried out on tablets.

However, the amount of assets and animations put in place is surprising and undoubtedly represents the strength of the game, as well as the main reason why we feel we have a great respect for the project, which starting from probably modest budgets tries to carry on iOS e Android an experience close to what you can enjoy on consoles.

However, everything has a price, and we are obviously not referring to the 4,49 euros needed to unlock the full version of the game, in our opinion more than deserved considering the work behind it. No, it's a purely technical matter: for some reason the polygonal models seem to be rendered at lower resolutions than the real one, and this helps to create a dirty and rough feeling that unfortunately never leaves us during the campaign.

A real shame, because with an adequate finishing work Blade of God: Vargr Souls could really make that leap in quality that would allow him to stand out without any doubt among the action RPGs currently available on App Store e Google Play Store. Who knows, maybe future updates of the application will bring it closer to our idea of ​​a real premium product.


Tested version iPad (1.1.0) Digital Delivery App Store, Google Play Price 4,49 €


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Blade of God: Vargr Souls is a very ambitious hack & slash, which tries to bring to iOS and Android devices an experience that can rival in spectacle and frenzy with some classics of the action genre such as God of War and Devil May Cry. Beyond the narrative sector, interesting but a little out of focus, the game struggles to express its personality, getting lost among more or less unscrupulous quotes and tributes. However, it holds its own when it comes to gameplay, net of sometimes confusing touch controls and a virtual camera that sometimes throws a tantrum. Finally, the purchase price is absolutely adequate for the body of a campaign that will keep you busy for several hours.


  • Spectacular, frenetic, ambitious
  • Full-bodied and long-lasting campaign
  • You fight well and there are many surrounding elements ...
  • ... organized in a somewhat confusing way
  • Rich but not very refined graphics
  • Some problems with the camera

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