Bravely Default 2 - Complete Guide to Savalon's Traitor

In Bravely Default 2 - here you find our review -, exclusive note available for Nintendo Switch and published by Square Enix, at a certain point in the game you will be called to return a second time to Savalon. The city is undergoing an internal crisis again but this time our heroes will have had time to return to avoid the disaster. As soon as you enter the city you will be called to understand what is happening, and to do so you just have to follow the various dialogues and the marker of the main objective. The big rock arrives later, after having left the prisons of the town: after a first clash with a shady figure, you will return to the palace and, after yet another dialogue, you will have to discover the traitor who is hitting the kingdom secretly for the his personal gain.

ATTENTION: we inform you that this guide contains SPOILERS, so we invite you to continue reading only if you have reached the quest or if you have finished the game.

At this point you will have to do a good job of research and talk to some specific inhabitants who will give you the information to understand the real identity of the traitor. However in front of the king you simply have to complete a sentence by entering the correct answer. Below you can see the right sequence to avoid wasting time talking to citizens:

  • Against the union with the Holograd empire
  • Only the council knew
  • A necklace
  • Cygnus

These answers will guarantee you the success of the mission, but don't worry in case you are wrong to press an answer: Seth will reset the speech and you can try again as many times as you want. However, pay close attention, because at the end of the movie a particularly demanding boss battle will start that will take you longer than you think. The recommended level to tackle this whole mission is 40; also remember to equip yourself with as many items as you can. The above is all there is to know about Savalon's traitor in Bravely Default 2, a new and prominent exclusive for Nintendo Switch. We also remind you that on our pages you will find an entire section dedicated to guides, always updated with all the titles of the moment.

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