Catherine Full Body - Review, Atlus brings us back to Vincent and his strange story

When we tried, just a few weeks ago, the demo of Catherine: Full Body, we were pleasantly surprised at how much in the game has been smoothed out, improved and adapted, but above all by how much and how the overall experience has been enriched. However, apparently, we were just chipping away at the tip of the iceberg with a stonemason, because it surprised her that Atlus reserved for us with this new edition of the game are really quite a lot. This is not about completely disrupting the game, because the adventure we are going to experience is roughly the same, but one that saw the team take time to straighten out some of the aspects of the original game that weren't the best.

Catherine Full Body: Rebirth

As longtime fans will remember, the main storyline is told in the form of a "TV show" by Trisha, the Venus of Midnight, who with a whole new hair will introduce us to the strange world of Catherine Full Body. Clearly she will be the one to illustrate them differences between this version and the previous one, which turned out to be surprisingly many and reasoned.

The first change, or one of the bases of Full Body, is the presence of a new character, who is immediately presented to us in an unconventional way: Rhine, the slender and enigmatic figure who apparently is the victim of stalking and has completely lost his memories. The only thing he remembers, is that he wants to play the piano, and he is just like the pianist Stray Sheep which will be introduced in the context of the nightclub where Vincent Brooks - our dear and unfortunate protagonist - usually gets drunk every night. The inclusion of Rin therefore opens up another subplot that adds to Vincent's already complicated life, and with it therefore there are also new video cinematics, new dialogues and much more.

Other additions, this time unrelated to Rin, concern small videos that dig into Vincent's past, to let us know not only who he is now, but also as a young man he met and fell in love with his current girlfriend Katherine. The circle closes with new characters present, new dialogues and clearly new game modes, which we will talk about shortly.

The golden house of games

Clearly like in the old version of the game, also in Catherine Full Body the pivotal experience will be there Golden PlayHouse, the story mode that will make us live the events from start to finish, allowing us to gain the freedom climb after climb (and answer after answer). However this has been enriched not only with Rin and new characters, but also with an additional level of difficulty, and a totally new mode called "Remix", where some of the blocks present in the various levels will have particular shapes (practically unions of cubes with others); needless to say that this will have its pros and cons… so pay close attention to what you move, and when.

In the incipit we mentioned something that has been "straightened", well, first of all is the difficulty level: even if this can be chosen by us at the beginning of the game, unless you are playing in safe mode (the lowest level), the challenge will be quite difficult, with the speed of "collapse" of the cubes at the base that seemed slightly greater than the old gen counterpart. Clearly in some cases some help will also be disseminated, and we are not referring only to consumable items, and we will let you discover it for yourself to reserve the surprise. Also the count of lives has undergone a change, this time substantial. Lives will no longer be the number of cushions at our disposal: these, once collected, will go to that precise level to form a "marker" for the action "Undo" (the one that cancels the last actions made). Be aware that with this method (which will make you go back in case of death automatically), however, it proves to be a very great risk, since it will not be a rarity to get stuck.

Other less decisive changes, but which make the experience more pleasant, concern the management of mobile phones and orders at the table during our evenings at the Stray Sheep. These actions now remain less cumbersome and more suited to the audience of the PlayStation 4 generation. Clearly given the nature of the game that stimulates the erotic imagery of the players, there is certainly no shortage of scenes dedicated to this topic, which, even if clearly explicit, never result in showing more than what is allowed.


Catherine Full Body is also connection. Finally, after a quite fluctuating PlayStation 3 generation, with the new console from Sony Catherine has had the right amount of multiplayer that was needed. So here's the chance to play Babel in cooperative side by side with a companion in its 4 infernal levels, e Colosseum to destroy online opponents in friendly and non-friendly matches. Clearly, in fact, all these modes will have their own personal rankings, to determine the best climbers in the world! The online sector, however, is also sharing, and so be careful that the answers you give at the end of each level you climbed will be compared with those of the rest of the players ... and well, some interesting things could come up.

The icing on the cake, as we have been used to in the past, remains the artistic sector: everything from improved graphics, to higher video quality, up to excellent dubbing and commendable soundtrack, everything that surrounds the Full Body experience is something that will satisfy you. In addition, some goodies have been scattered here and there for the game, among which the easiest to find and also one of the most popular is the jukebox of the bar, which also features tracks from other flagship titles of Atlus (such as for example Person 5).

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