Cyberpunk 2077: here is the mod that transforms the title into Borderlands

Over the last few weeks, many amateur programmers have created particularly interesting mods dedicated to the latest effort of CD Projekt RED, cyberpunk 2077, and among these many of them positively influence the aesthetic and technical aspects of the controversial video game from the Polish software house. Among this immense number of mods we can also find Borderlandfy2077 which, as its name suggests, is able to transform the visual aspect of the game, using the technique of Cel-Shading to make it extremely similar to the titles of the famous series of Borderlands. Created by a programmer named Psalm, Borderlandsfy promises to be extremely light and not to compromise in any way the technical aspects and performance of the title.

Characterized by sharp contour lines and a more general flatness of the image, the Cel-Shading technique has been used in a large number of animated works, but it was the Borderlands series that made it more famous and appreciated also and especially by video game enthusiasts. The series of titles created by Gearbox Software, in fact, it uses a specially modified version of Unreal Engine 3 cel-shading, known as Willow Engine. As demonstrated by a video published by IGN, the Salmo mod manages to recreate the style of the game quite faithfully, completely transforming the look of the suggestive environments of Cyberpunk 2077 to which we have been accustomed in recent weeks.

Previously we had the opportunity to see the modder community at work on some mods made to improve the performance of the video game and to make the experience even more fun and immersive for players who, since the moment of its official release of the title , have shown their disappointment and their perplexity about his condition. In addition to the mod for improve the driving experience, one of the gameplay aspects most criticized by the public, the community was able to provide other very interesting ones, including the one that allows you to play Cyberpunk 2077 with the third person view.

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