God of War: Player kills all Valkyries without taking damage

The saga of God of War it is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful ever made exclusively for the family consoles Sony. The titles, which have now reached a total of 8 adventures, without ever losing sight of the central focus of the story, the gameplay and everything that characterizes the adventures of Kratos, they have always been evolving, offering a quality and quantity of content that anyone can envy. The last episode, released in 2018 and which only bears the name of God of War, departs from the Greek mythology now famous to all the players of the saga to land in Northern lands, haunted by gods like Odin and Loki and peppered with Norse mythology. The latter offers a range of characters that, rightly, we find in the course of the campaign, such as the Valkyries. Surely, the toughest enemies in the entire history of Kratos. But not for all players.

What we show you at the top of the article, is in fact a goliardic gamer who, after having undoubtedly spent an inordinate amount of hours on the game, decided to kill all 9 Valkyries present without taking any damage. A really not easy gesture, and not for everyone, which we are sure some of you will want to replicate. Killing the 8 Valkyries present during the adventure, plus the Queen of the Valkyries, is a hard job that we advise you to do but not before having taken a look at the our in-depth guide on where to find and how to defeat each of these fearsome secondary protagonists of the adventure.

We remind you that the new God of War is highly anticipated for all fans Sony. After the announcement of God of War 2 (or God of War Ragnarok) by Sony Santa Monica, announced on 17 September 2020 during the PlayStation 5 Showcase event and coming in 2021, there has been no more news about it, making players anxious to know the continuation of the adventures of Kratos.

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