Cyberpunk 2077: new succulent details regarding the nanowire

Less than a year to go until the arrival of cyberpunk 2077, highly anticipated title produced by CD Project RED whose launch is scheduled for April 16, 2020. Today we are going to add a new piece to the puzzle, a new detail that the developers have talked about: a cybernetic system that the player can use to tear apart and hack the enemies that we will encounter on the streets of the adrenaline pumping Night City.

Through the official Twitter account Cyberpunk 2077, a video was released in which the Senior Level Designer Miles Tost told us about the nanowires, particular metal wires that will allow us to kill and hack our targets.

In other words, it is a series of filaments, almost like a garrote, which are grafted into the arm of the protagonist. They can be extracted and connected to silently kill enemies, but you can also hack them from a distance by unlocking the ability to hack quickly and loading powerful malware that will prompt enemies to commit suicide or any other divine-like action you would like your character to see. . Also another very cool aspect is that they are not only meant for hacking, you can also use them to shred people, as they are in effect very sharp metal filaments and consequently extremely powerful weapons that become very useful for that. which could be called a "combat netrunner".

Please note that cyberpunk 2077 will be available for platforms Playstation 4, Xbox One e PC.

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