Dark Souls 3: guide to beat the BOSS Granbosco [Walkthrough]

Dark Souls 3: guide to beat the BOSS Granbosco [Walkthrough]


Let's see how to defeat all the bad guys Dark Souls 3: let's go to the cursed forest to have a party in Granbosco.

In this guide we see how to beat one of the fearsome bosses in Dark Souls III. For all the other bosses and other guides on the game, don't forget to also consult the complete guide and tricks card of Dark Souls 3.

How to kill Granbosco:

  • Recommended character level: 20+
  • Weapon used: Broadsword
  • Achievement / Trophy unlocked: Granbosco, the cursed forest

Below is a video showing the best strategy to beat this boss, followed by some tips to consider:

Forestry is the third boss of Dark Souls III.

This boss has the appearance of a tree and to kill him it is necessary to attack the eggs that develop on some parts of the plant. The best strategy is to run continuously and destroy the eggs as fast as possible.

Don't worry too much about getting hit, as it is not possible to parry or block attacks anyway. In the first part of the fight some monsters will run around the tree, kill the ones that come towards you and attack the eggs in the front of the structure. At some point the floor will collapse and the second part of the battle will begin. Destroy the eggs in the front, back, legs and arms to finish the boss.

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