Dead Rising 4: Frank's Big Package Review

Dead Rising 4: Frank's Big Package Review

Dead Rising 4 this Christmas also lands on PlayStation 4 with the release of Dead Rising 4: Frank's Big Package. The fourth chapter of the light-hearted zombie saga signed Capcom it arrives, in fact, always during the Christmas period, but more than a year after its initial release on Xbox One and PC. This new special edition reserved exclusively for users Sony, as well as marking the end of the exclusivity Microsoft products on the title, it makes available all the expansions released during this long and lonely year.

Dead Rising 4: Frank's Big Package ReviewThose who don't die see themselves again

After sixteen years of the events that have consecrated Frank West a national hero in the first chapter of the series, we find our favorite photographer forgotten from the news pages and forced to earn a living as a very simple journalism teacher. Fortunately for us, the zealous Vicky thinks of dragging her old teacher back into an investigative investigation that will once again see the quiet as the protagonist. town of Willamette. Finding himself involved in a mass bioterrorist plot here too, our protagonist will return to action for a last and unforgettable journey. 

After several years of massacres of the undead Dead Rising it seems to totally abandon that minimum of survival component to favor a more fun and parody approach in all. Certainly many things will be similar, but surely these will never be identical to what we have seen so far. Returning to our footsteps, they will not fail familiar scenarios and that we are sure they will delight the many fans who have practically consumed these titles over the years. In fact, the game environments that we previously avoided due to their chaos will be much more "liveable" in this new situation. The hordes of infected that we previously feared so much will return even more, but also less aggressive. This will allow us to explore the festive settings in complete tranquility, using the mass of enemies that will appear in front of us as a mere anti-stress. Obviously this can only be the perfect test bed to test the iconic weapon crafting system made available to us. With a vastness and variety of paraphernalia that would make any army pale, there will be hours of leisure to mangling rotting corpses with the most peculiar and ridiculous killing machines ever seen.

Dead Rising 4: Frank's Big Package Review

The version of Dead Rising 4 described so far is nothing more than a copy of the original one; in this Frank's Big Package However, we can also decide to start the main story with the Difficulty level Nerissimo Friday already unlocked. In case we were not entertained enough by the plot of the game or by the various investigations, secondary and collectible missions that we will find inside it, we can always rely on the component multiplayer of the title.

Together with three other apocalyptic companions, we will face the adversities of each scenario by completing tasks and defeating monsters at the end of the level, proportionally more challenging with each wave. Choosing between the various classes (each with a different starting weapon) that each survivor will impersonate, we will have to cooperate with each other to try to survive until the end of the fourth and final episode. The game sessions in this case will be quite long and competitive, but unfortunately not very exciting.

Dead Rising 4: Frank's Big Package ReviewA great package

Fortunately for us this variant of Dead Rising 4 it will contain all the paid DLCs released so far with which to indulge ourselves. A unique opportunity to access all the additional content of the video game in a single disc. Available for download in the package Dead Rising 4: Frank's Big Package we will find:

  • Super Ultra Dead Rising 4 Minigolf - A game mode completely focused on minigolf where Frank and Bob will comment on our games. Immersed in apocalyptic scenarios and surrounded by zombies, we will be able to play for a total of eighteen holes alone or with our friends up to a maximum of four players on the same console.
  • Frank Rising - In this expansion we will join the other shore by impersonating a zombie version of Frank West in a short adventure in which we will have to make our way between the living and the undead with new powers generated by our particular physical condition. Our main goal will be to recover our human features and escape the city before it is purged once and for all with a bomb drop from the government.
  • Capcom heroes - The free content dedicated to the heroes of the Capcom video games will allow you to retrace the main story in a completely new and unprecedented way. Collecting the various stars scattered in the levels we will in turn unlock costumes inspired by the various characters who have made the history of the Japanese software house. Each costume will have unique moves and abilities inspired by its original owners. Also by completing the trainings of each one we will unlock further dark versions of the same.
  • Stocking Stuffer Holiday Pack - This particular pack will introduce Christmas-themed weapons, zombies, vehicles and items to celebrate the holidays in the most horrifying way ever.

Dead Rising 4: Frank's Big Package ReviewTo conclude

Dead Rising 4: Frank's Big Package it is definitely the most complete version of Dead Rising 4. Despite this transposition on PlayStation 4 drag all the technical defects present in the original version with you, the final product is still enjoyable for its kind. The Forge Engine the overabundance of elements to recreate suffers a lot, losing details in shadows and lights every now and then. Visually the resolution it is quite stable, although they will not fail problems with models of vehicles and with those of the enemies (especially when these will collide with each other). In some cases even the camera it will cause quite a few problems when it suddenly changes (putting our lives in danger most of the time). Narratively speaking, the plot certainly excels not in originality or longevity, but in irreverent dubbing and its particular comedy will certainly be good company for its entire duration. All this will be supported by a good one sound compartment which will perfectly render the Christmas atmosphere underlying the title. With the countless contents made available in Dead Rising 4: Frank's Big Package fun will be guaranteed!

Modus Operandi: the review you just read was written based on the version PlayStation 4 of the game, after completing the entire main story along with all its additional content.

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