Death Stranding: here is the themed watch in collaboration with Seiko

Death Stranding, award-winning title developed by Kojima Productions, will have a themed clock. The product was born thanks to the collaboration of the Japanese software house and the historic Japanese company Seiko. Specifically, the watch will be part of the prestigious series Astron, known for introducing the first quartz wristwatch in history. The accessory will have a limited edition of only 1000 pieces and will be available worldwide starting with June 2021. The price, on the other hand, will be 3070 pounds, at the current exchange rate, therefore, just over € 3500. This is an in-line price for limited editions of high-quality invoices like this one. If you are a fan of the title and are passionate about watches, you cannot miss it.

Let's find out the features of the watch dedicated to Death Stranding. Meanwhile, the Astron series continues to innovate and, since 1969, has gone on to feed itself exclusively through sunlight. Furthermore, it is connected to the GPS network and is able to change time zones simply with a click, very convenient for those who travel (go) often. The watch is inspired by the armor of Ludens: this is evident by looking at the clock face, inspired by the helmet of the same. Other details, such as the gold trim and sub-dials, make the attempt to replicate the complex structure of the armor on a watch very successful. Finally, we find the logo by Kojima Productions on both the 9 o'clock marker and on the case back. Finally, the collector's item has the case made of titanium and the cover of the dial in sapphire crystal. Precious materials that justify, together with the limited edition, the high price of the product.

In short, an extraordinary watch that perfectly honors the title directed by Hideo Kojima released in 2019. While waiting for the release of the product, you can retrieve the work, if you have not yet done so, or you can read our review (you can find it here): in either case, we're sure you won't regret it.

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