Destiny 2: new details about the cross-save arrive

    Destiny 2: new details about the cross-save arrive

    It is close to the arrival of the cross-save in Destiny 2, a feature loudly requested by a good percentage of gamers. New details have been made public regarding this new feature, in order to prepare the Guardians for its next arrival in the game, waiting for more of the “Shadowkeep” DLC scheduled for October. By enabling cross-save on your account you will be able to access a screen containing all your created profiles (which number varies depending on the platforms on which you have played), in which you will have to decide which of these will be used as the main profile. Once you have decided which of the various accounts will be the default one, your progress will be shared across all gaming platforms, and the other profiles will not be deleted in any way. In order to reuse "non-primary" accounts, the previously enabled cross-save must be disabled.

    But be careful: remember also that, once disabled, you will have to wait at least 90 days before you can reactivate it. Furthermore, the contents you own on one single platform cannot be played on the others. The weapons and armor of the DLCs can be used without any problem, regardless of the expansions purchased previously. It will then not be possible to merge the various accounts, nor to transfer your own Silver purchased from a particular platform to the others.

    Moving on to the topic "Clan", players will be able to be part of only one clan for each account and in the relevant screen, it will be possible to see only the active players who are playing on that particular platform.

    Finally, we remind you that the cross-save will be available in Destiny 2 starting August 21, 2019 on platforms Playstation 4, Xbox One e PC, also next week will be shown new about the new 2.0 armor within a Twitch stream. Finally, with the next update, the quests of Vetta and Wendigo will be simplified, considered among the longest and most boring in the game.

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