Destiny 2 on PS5, Xbox Series X and Series S: all about performance and new features

Bungie had announced the arrival of a next-gen version of Destiny 2 during the reveal of Beyond the Light and subsequent expansions. The direct aired this summer had therefore revealed all of Bungie's plans for the future of his work, and among these was precisely the full support for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and Series S. A little less than a month after the release of the new generation platforms, the development team has finally published the highly anticipated update that expands the technical sector also on consoles.

Destiny 2 at 4K and 60fps on PS5 and Xbox Series X

Among the most awaited news there is certainly an improved resolution and frame rate, which however undergoes variations on the Xbox Series S. The inexpensive Microsoft hardware, in fact, is obviously the one that least of all gets an actual upgrade. PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X can boast a resolution of up to 4K and a frame rate of 60fps. On the contrary, Series S maintains the resolution of 1920 × 1080, although still at 60 frames per second. More than satisfactory results for next-generation consoles, thanks to a patch that will be automatically downloaded for Xbox users. Those who own a PS5, on the other hand, will have to start the download manually.

Great news for the Crucible, which boasts of two important introductions: the first is the possibility of play at 120fps thanks to support for 120hz screens. This is a very important detail for the PvP sector of Destiny 2, which can finally maintain the comparison with the PC counterpart. Too bad, however, not being able to achieve the same result in all other activities, since not all users love the Crucible so much that they fully appreciate the functionality.

Directly from the update page, where we find all the known patches from Bungie, we also discover that it was introduced the possibility to modify the visual field. This is an absolute novelty that players on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S will be able to appreciate; moreover, we consider it a further detail that brings the console experience closer to the PC one. The same goes for the loading times, speeded up thanks to the presence of an SSD instead of hard disk: Bungie makes it known that the improvement in timing applies to all loads of Destiny 2, including the opening of the inventory. However, it should be noted that some activities may take longer due to the network connection, such as during Crucible or Gambit matchmaking. Both the field of view modification bar and the option to activate 120hz support in the Crucible are found in the “Video” section of the settings.

The last important detail, which is always given to us by the official Bungie website, is the presence of intergenerational play, as the team called it. Nothing complex, it is simply the possibility of enter games together with users who have a higher or lower generation version than ours. Specifically, owners of a PlayStation 4 will be able to play with those who have Destiny 2 on PlayStation 5, as well as those Xbox One will be able to enter into a match with those who have an Xbox Series X or Series S. Once again, the reasons why it is not present the cross-platform are not better specified, and we very much hope that this functionality can be introduced in the future.

We remind readers that the first Iron Banner of the Season of the Hunt has just begun! To get yours sizes, however, from now on you can use the Destiny 2 Companion App for iOS and Android, one of the changes we appreciate most of this general improvement of the game ecosystem, which greatly reduces the time needed to get all the sizes we wanted. In short, Bungie is really working to improve and perfect its work, and we can't wait to find out more details on the next content coming. If you are interested in discovering our opinion on Beyond the Light, we leave you to our review and in-depth information on the endgame. Also, if you need help, find our guides on where to find all Entropic Shards, how to unlock new Natures and Aspects of stasis, and how to complete the Deepstone Crypt raid.

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