Detroit: Become Human, a mod introduces the Kara from the first demo

In the beginning Detroit: Become Human, a former license plate exclusive Sony, was a very simple technical demo for the penultimate console of the company on the market, the PlayStation 3. The game featured Land defence, or rather, it took its name Project Land defence, which, however, showed a completely different model than the one in the final game. A modder called InterestingMK recently released a mod that allows players to use Kara with the 3D model she had in tech demo on PS3. Various questions could arise if we wanted to analyze this fact better; so why are we in possession of an almost unveiled model that is free to shoot in snowy environments? Obviously these are secondary questions that arise from the aforementioned mod, however it must also be considered that the community is thrilled to be able to experience first-hand what Kara really looked like (when it first appeared), equipped with full facial expressions and functionality identical to what any player would want.

Detroit: Become Human puts the entire destiny of humanity and androids into the player's hands; it is brought into a near and not entirely impossible future, in which the artificial brain has practically outclassed the human one. The playing of the game is very dynamic because each path taken by the player consists of a different twist in the continuation of the story. As already said previously, the title was born as an exclusive PlayStation, but today you can also download it from both Steam that fromEpic Games Store.

Not long ago the new collector's edition was released, on the occasion of the initial period of exclusivity for the Epic Games store, and for its obvious arrival on the platform of the great rival of the Valve. We talked about this very special edition in the article that you can read at the following link. Before leaving you, we also refer you to our review of Detroit: Become Human.

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