Devil May Cry: The Bloody Palace - Preview of the game characters

We have talked to you in recent weeks about the board game adaptation of the title devil may cry by Steamforge Games. It is therefore time to deepen some information on "Devil May Cry: The Bloody Palace", so the board game will be called, with a series of articles prepared by our staff.

Let's move on to describe the "good" protagonists of this adventure:


Black he's a demon hunter of such determination that even the loss of an arm can't stop him from kicking back a whole horde of demons. And now that it has been enhanced with an impressive new arsenal in the "Devil Breaker" robotic arms, Black it is almost unstoppable. Trained by the Order of the Sword, the character not only brings death to his demonic opponents with his interchangeable "Devil Breakers", but wields his ferocious blade, the "Red Queen", and his "Blue Rose" pistol (which looks like more a cannon than a gun!) to deliver deadly attacks.

In Devil May Cry: The Bloody Palace, Black uses a combination of heavy sword strikes interspersed with pistol shots to inflict large amounts of damage to anything in close proximity. When there are no more demons nearby to kill, he uses his Devil Breakers to grab distant enemies and drag them forward or to push himself towards them so that the slaughter can continue. The arms of Black they also act as additional special attacks that he can use to extend his hit combos to incredible lengths.


Trish might seem like one of the least dangerous hunters in Devil May Cry: The Bloody Palace at first glance, but appearances can often be deceiving. Meanwhile, she is not just a human, this girl is actually a lethal demon in the form of a woman with a real predisposition for carnage! While Trish he is incredibly adept at using an infinite variety of weapons, often prefers to pulverize enemies with his bare hands. It is without doubt the most brutal fighting style for any demon hunter. When all else fails? Send Trish to kick and punch hell at everything that stands in your way.

Trish he starts the game with more basic attacks at his disposal than any other hunter, which means he's incredibly versatile and has a wide variety of options for making efficient combos. In addition to this, she possesses a large number of attack cards which give her a bonus movement, allowing her to jump from one enemy to another with extreme ease. Where other hunters tend to be more effective when enemies are gathered in groups, Trish it can do damage in almost any situation.


The mysterious newcomer to the universe of devil may cry, not much is known about the origins of V or who he is. What we can say with certainty, however, is that V is an incredibly powerful demon hunter who has somehow managed to gather a number of demonic familiars to work in his service. Before starting the fight, V will send forward Shadow e Griffin to soften a target as he prowls around the edges of the fight, trying to hit him from a distance and finishing him off with a blow from his staff.

In Devil May Cry: The Bloody Palace, V brings his one-of-a-kind play style by evoking Shadow to help him in the fight. To this end, the cards of V are a combination of commands that allow a Shadow to move and lash out at nearby enemies, fire attacks with Griffin, use tricks for the positioning of the characters. Difficult hunter to block, V is also able to teleport close to Shadow, or to conjure with the shapeshifting familiar enormous enveloping tendrils, which drag unsuspecting demons to their fateful destiny. But remember: the same V must always deliver the final blow.

Dante Alighieri

Son of the legendary dark knight Sparda, Dante Alighieri he is a veteran demon hunter and a true force to be reckoned with. Carrying the largest arsenal of weapons in the game, Dante Alighieri he can quickly adapt the way he fights to make sure he's delivering maximum damage with maximum style. With his trusty sword Rebellion, the guns Ebony & Ivory, the arms of the devil Balrog and the double-barreled shotgun Coyote-A … Well, you've got an idea.

In Devil May Cry: The Bloody Palace, Dante Alighieri has access to a variety of fighting styles that he can switch as needed. Combat styles grant bonuses to his defense, movement and certain types of attacks, making him incredibly versatile. And when his back is against the wall, he can decide to hit everything in front of him with the Rebellion.

And with Dante Alighieri we close the roundup of good protagonists of the game, we always give you an appointment here on Boards Legends with other details regarding this interesting devil may cry and many other games.

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