DOOM Eternal: the work id Software lands on Xbox Game Pass

    DOOM Eternal: the work id Software lands on Xbox Game Pass

    With the purchase of ZeniMax Media and all related software houses, Microsoft products is now able to take total control over all the past, present and future intellectual properties of the various software houses of the company. The high-caliber games that we can find within the various studios are many, and among these some are considered real masterpieces in terms of sagas which, it is clear to ask the question, can all become exclusive to Xbox. In this regard, we have already talked about it in this article, what now seems to be Microsoft's first move ever with this new acquisition, is to add to its service Xbox Game Pass the latest work of id Software: DOOM Eternal.

    Starting October 1st, the excellent shooter will become a new downloadable product for all Xbox One owners. Later, by the end of the year, it will also land on Xbox Game Pass for PC, but at the moment the release date is not yet clear. The reason that could be hidden behind this sudden addition can be attributed to the next update of the title which will introduce the first official DLC which will be called DOOM Eternal: The Ancient Gods Part 1, expansion divided into two acts that will arrive on 20 October on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One also in standalone version.

    Presumably, Xbox Series X or Series S buyers who subscribe to the Game Pass service should be able to receive the free upgrade to the next-gen version with related graphics changes and more as soon as they become available. If you have not yet played the title but are interested in doing so, at the following link you can find our review. Stay tuned to our pages to find out all the information you need about DOOM Eternal's arrival on Xbox Game Pass and about updating to Xbox Series X and Series S.

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