Dungeons 3 Complete Edition, the review

We imagine that it will be strange for someone to read one Dungeons 3 review today, since we are talking about a game released in 2017. The reason is very simple: we were able to get our hands on the full version with all the DLC and, since we liked it very much, we decided to make it known to the world. We joke, but not too much, since the latest DLC released by Realmforge, the development studio, actually dates back to a few weeks ago.

The Dungeons series was born as spiritual heir of that Dungeon Keeper, of which he has kept the formula almost intact for the first two chapters.

Dungeons 3 Complete Edition, the review

With the third, however, the developers wanted to try to take a leap forward, emancipating themselves from the original model. The construction and defense part of the dungeon remained, but was hybridized with strong real-time strategy elements. So now we are not limited to managing the dark and musty dungeons in all their aspects, but we must also conquer what is above them, facing face to face those who want to prevent us from making our empire of evil prosper.


Speaking of content the complete Dungeons 3 package is truly impressive. Note that it currently offers the main campaign, included in the base game, plus six extra campaigns, one for each DLC, plus three large sandbox maps, added with the final DLC. To all this well of any divinity that comes to mind, the skirmish and online mode must be added, for a quantity of hours of play that goes over fifty, without of course considering the high replayability of the campaigns and individual maps, which can be tackled at different levels of difficulty. Of course, the contents alone are not enough to justify the enthusiasm. For a bad game to last a hundred hours is a defect, not a virtue. Fortunately, that's not the case with Dungeons 3.

Gameplay dei dungeon

La main campaign of Dungeons 3 tells of Thalya, a dark elf converted to good by her stepfather, who in the first mission we will rediscover the taste for free massacres and total destruction. The game begins with the approach of our shadow avatar to what will become our first heroine. Once we have his soul, we can start building our first dungeon. As in past episodes we will have to dig tunnels, create rooms, search for resources hidden underground, face the unfriendly creatures that inevitably populate it, create troops and satisfy them with accommodation and food, make our domain evolve in size and technology, so as to have ever stronger troops, and manage our minions in such a way that they are always active.

From time to time human heroes will enter the dungeon with the intention of destroying its core, so as to put an end to our power.

Dungeons 3 Complete Edition, the review

To stop them we will be able to count on hired units and on traps with which we will fill the passage points (gates, spikes, boulders and so on). As you progress through the missions, we will also develop the power to cast spells against attackers. For example, we can place mana bombs, or summon a meteor shower, or we can freeze them. Everything is lawful.

Gameplay RTS

So far we have talked about Dungeons 3 that apes Dungeon Keeper (very well, to be honest), but as we mentioned there is also Dungeons 3 that looks at strategic in real time, in particular to the Warcraft 3 model, which also follows the graphic style. When we have accumulated enough troops and we feel confident in our strength, we will be able to select some of them and send them to the outside world, where they will have to work to achieve some set objectives, indicated by icons or in the description of the current missions. Generally we will have to conquer points of power, which will serve us to collect the evil energy needed to advance the dungeon, or we will have to destroy strategic buildings or, again, kill key characters. This section, which works in continuity with the management one, is played exactly as expected from any RTS: select the troops and send them around by clicking on the destination points, exterminating the humans and all the other creatures that meet on the Street.

Dungeons 3 Complete Edition, the review

The best part of Dungeons 3 is that it works perfectly and, once you get used to the unit selection system, which is not very clear, and the lines of the narrator, sometimes nice, others a little less, you find yourself playing without stopping for hours and hours, grinding one map after another. Honestly, we would never have hoped that the hybrid formula chosen for the gameplay would work so well, but evidently the guys at Realmforge Studios have talent to spare. Buy it without delay.


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Dungeons 3 in its full version is an excellent product, with an incredible variety and monstrous longevity. A real act of love (do not tell the lord of evil). If you are intrigued by the idea of ​​trying a hybrid between Dungeon Keepers and Warcraft 3, look no further, also because you will not find anything like it elsewhere. In its own way we are faced with a unique title that would have been a real shame not to have ever dealt with these pages despite the time that has passed since the launch of the basic edition.


  • The hybridization between Dungeon Keepers and Warcraft 3 succeeded perfectly
  • The complete package offers tons of content
  • The gameplay is unique in its own way
  • How many hours has it been since we started the game?
  • The narrator makes many jokes, some successful, others less so
  • More clarity in the unit selection system would have been welcome
  • The graphic style is quite generic
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