Edens Zero: Konami announces two videogame projects based on the manga

It is underway right now on Tokyo Games Show 2020, one of the most important videogame fairs in the world, a reference point for millions of fans, converted this year, of course, into a digital version. Among the valid panels and events, also the top management of Konami they were able to present their intentions for the market in the coming months. In fact, in recent weeks they had already mentioned the possibility of presenting a video game dedicated to Edens Zero, the new manga from the author of Fairy tail. The Japanese software house had remained vague on the details and the launch window, but in the panel had on the occasion of the event, it revealed that the videogame projects will actually be two.

The first will concern the world consul with Third person action RPG. However, all the details on what the target consoles will be are still missing. It is not even known whether it will be a production next-gen or cross-gen, even if given the propensity of many other competing software houses, one could think more of the second hypothesis. The second project concerns i mobile devices and, even in this case, no further details on the characteristics were revealed.

THEEden Zero Game Project is the absolutely provisional name with which Konami presented the games that will arrive, without any mention of a definitive title. However, it was presented together with a trailer that you can find below.

Edens Zero is a manga shonen written and directed by Hiro Mashima, Published on weekly Shonen Magazine and in digital version in five different languages. In Spain it is sold by the publishing house Star Comics. An adaptation was also announced in June 2020 anime, also without an expected release date. The Tokyo event is about to end, so we do not expect further updates from Konami, but we are sure that something will be expressed through press releases in the coming weeks.

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