Fairy Tail: announced a new game taken from the manga by Hiro Mashima

Apparently the well-known manga and anime Fairy tail, created by the Japanese cartoonist Hiro Mashima, will enjoy one of his major titles coming out next year on PC, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. The software house announced the work Koei Tecmo and the development study Gust through a short video that you can see at the top of the article. The game will be an action with role-playing elements taken from the classic JRPG and obviously set in the fantasy world of the manga.

The Gust development studio is mainly known for the Atelier series, a successful role-playing game in the land of the rising sun but almost unknown outside of Japan. However, thanks to the experience gained in recent years with the series, the development studio will be able to collaborate closely with the supervision of Mashima himself to give shape to the first real video game of the Fairy Tail saga after the first mobile experiment of 2014 with Brave Saga for iOS and Android.

In the presentation video we can see many of the elements that distinguish the famous manga, such as the lands of Earthland and the Kingdom of Fiore to the characters with whom we will carry out our adventures such as Natsu Dragneel and Lucy Heartfilia. There will also be the other protagonists belonging to the Guild of Wizards and the members of the dark guilds with their leader Zeref.

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