Fallout New Vegas: Guide to Finding All Skill Books

Fallout New Vegas: Guide to Finding All Skill Books

Today, let's go hunting for skills

Below you will find the complete guide to find all the skill books scattered around the Fallout New Vegas map.

Tales from a Junktown Jerky Salesman (Barter)
1. Allied Technologies Offices: In the room west of the entrance hall, in the southwest corner.
2. Cap Counterfeiting Shack: On the suitcase next to the bed, in the back room of the basement.
3. Primm: Inside the Steve Bison Casino, on the floor behind the gift shop counter.
4. Vault 22 (Pest Control): Go north of the elevator stairs to the lab room, but it's on the table with the vials.


Nikola Tesla and you (energy weapons)
1. Hidden Valley: In Bunker L1, in the white plastic desk bin in Schuler's office.
2. Old nuclear power plant: irradiated on the table in front of the entrance, inside the shack.
3. REPCONN HQ: Inside the locked shipping room with the collapsed ceiling, on top of a safe on the floor, in a corner.
4. REPCONN HQ: On the second floor, in the north-east server room, on the table with the terminal in the far corner.


Duck and Cover! (Esplosivi)
1. Mojave Outpost: Inside the building with the bar and the barracks, on the bottom floor, in the middle under the bar counter.
2. Nellis AFB: inside the Mother Pearl barracks, on the bookstore.
3. Sloan: Inside the small barracks shack, near the trailer, on the closet shelf on the left, next to the bunk bed.

Guns and bullets (pistols)
1. Gomorrah: In the Zoara Club, on the first low shelf, to the left of Big Sal's office.
2. Nevada Highway Patrol Station: In the first room you meet after the entrance, on a table near the door leading to the cells.
3. Raul's Shack: In the small wooden chest on the floor, at the foot of the metal shelves, to the left of the entrance.
4. Vault 34: On the small metal table between the sofas of the pool table, in the Armory room. Follow the signs after the descent.

Illustrated Boxing (Hand-to-Hand)
1. Fisherman's Pride Shack: On the nightstand inside the shack.
2. Nipton Road Rest-stop: Inside the shop marked "Lester", on a wooden bookcase shelf.
3. The Casino Top: On a small table next to the pool table in the Presidential Suite.
4. Vault 11: Inside the dwelling, category Dorm Women # 1, from the fallen dresser.

Glasses Today (Padlocks)
1. Bitter Springs Recreation Area: Inside the west office shack, on the desk in the smaller of the two rooms.
2. Silver Peak Mine: Inside the shack, behind the two tables, at the bottom of an open closet, to the right of the entrance.
3. The Prospector's Den: Inside the cave system, in the underground section, in the barracks room, on the floor in the far right corner.
4. Wolfhorn Ranch: Inside the farmhouse, under the doorless cooler.

D.C. Journal Of Internal Medicine (Medicina)
1. Follower's SafeHouse: On the bedside shelf, in the second room.
2. HELIOS One: On the bed with the pillow, in the room with the Holotape password, on the top floor, cross the planks to get there.
3. Mesquite Mountains Crater: Inside Hell's Motel, under the globe with the hat on it, on the table with the repair kit and radio.
4. Novac: Inside Ranger Andy's room, in the middle of the bed.

Grognak the Barbarian (melee weapons)
1. Cannibal Johnson's Cave: On the mattress bed near the bonfire.
2. Cottonwood Cave: Inside the mansion, upstairs, on the bedside table.
3. Hidden Supply Cave: On one of the large metal crates in the cave.
4. Jacobstown: On the floor next to the stove, inside the eastern bungalow, by the pond.

Dean electronics (repair)
1. Abandoned BoS Bunker: on the metal sill, in front of the reloading counter, inside the office area.
2. Nellis Air Force Base: Inside the Loyal Shed, on the long metal counter.
3. Sloan: Inside the barracks, on the shelf between the Dino toy and the radio.
4. Wind Farm Southern Nevada: Inside the shack, on the clipboard.

Big Book of Science (Science)
1. Brewer's Beer Bootlegging: In the basement of the shack, on the table with the chemical equipment.
2. Camp Forlorn Hope: Inside Major Polati's tent, on the desk in the far right corner.
3. Nipton: on the mayor's desk, on the top floor of the town hall.
4. REPCONN Headquarters: Inside the headquarters, on a shelf in the Gift Shop warehouse.

Chinese Army: Spec. Ops Training Manual (Sneak)
1. Camp Searchlight: In the east chapel, inside the basement, on the stone floor, at the foot of the metal shelves.
2. Goodsprings: Under a book in the lower library, inside the ranch house just east of the school.
3. NCR Sharecropper Farms: In the ranch house next to the four fertilizer hoppers, near the corner desk.
4. Vault 3: In the lower library, inside the executive dormitory.

Lying, Congressional Style (Speech)
1. Brooks Tumbleweed Ranch: On an open closet shelf, in the upstairs room with the chess board.
2. Cerulean Robotics: On the floor between the desks in the office.
3. Lucky Jim Mine: Inside the shack, under the Varmint rifle, to the right of the empty fridge.
4. NCR Correctional Facility: In the administration building, on the desk in the dark room in front of Eddie's room.

Wasteland survival guide (survival)
1. Radio Lupo Solitario: Inside the radio trailer, near the Scrap Electronics and mattress.
2. Matthews Livestock Farm: higher balcony of the northern barn, near the barrel.
3. Mesquite Mountains Campsite: Inside the western tent, behind the rolled up bed.
4. Scavenger Plattform: in the northern part of the platform, among other books on the fallen metal shelf.

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