FIFA 19: the review of the Nintendo Switch version

If in the FIFA 19 review published a few days ago we were to add another "against", surely it would be impossible to always carry EA Sports football with us. PC and home consoles in fact force us to remain confined within the home to play, where instead having a game like FIFA 19 at hand would be a godsend for those who often travel on public transport, or simply would like to use the football simulation to disconnect a bit during the lunch break spent away from home. Put in these terms, the FIFA 19 version for Nintendo Switch it is unique in its kind, enabling the user to enjoy the aforementioned possibilities. It does so with some inevitable compromise, dictated by the differences between the living room consoles and the Nintendo one, both in terms of hardware and philosophy. Given that the main competitor, PES 2019, is unfortunately not available for Nintendo Switch, the presence of FIFA 19 represents the only football alternative of a certain level for this platform: let's find out what it feels like once you pick up the Joy-Con.

FIFA 19: the review of the Nintendo Switch version

The modalities: no travel

The compromises made by FIFA 19 to get there Nintendo Switch start from the absence of the modality Travel. This is certainly not a novelty in this sense, given that the second chapter of the story dedicated to the talent Alex Hunter was already missing in FIFA 18. A choice motivated by the impossibility of using the engine Frostbite to bring FIFA 19 to Nintendo Switch, given the limitations of the console in terms of hardware. Even if we understand the need from the point of view of the developers, as players there can only be a bit of a bitter taste in the mouth for the lack of this mode. Those who love online gaming can still console themselves with the presence of Ultimate Team, but before embarking on the construction of your own squad it is good to know that sacrifices are not lacking even in this case. In fact, to bring about the conversion the Squad Battles but above all the new dynamics called Rivals Division, which in the "major" version have since this year supplanted the old ones Divisions. The latter we find them instead in FIFA 19 for Nintendo Switch. Always with regard to FUT, the incompatibility with the companion app, both in its web form and as an application for mobile devices: a significant lack, given the importance of the application for managing and improving squads. Obviously there could not be absent Champions League, introduced just this year by EA Sports: the charm of competition remains the same even on Nintendo Switch, allowing the user to play the maximum European competition even in the mode Career, otherwise always similar to itself. Also present is the renewed modality Kick off, where to get busy between rules that upset the game of football: if you want to deepen the discussion, we have already talked about it in the review of the PlayStation 4 version of FIFA 19.

FIFA 19: the review of the Nintendo Switch version

The gameplay: more arcade than simulation

Once on the pitch, the sensations you experience with FIFA 19 for Nintendo Switch bring to mind those tried in its time with FIFA 16 and predecessors, namely the last chapters that saw the use of the Ignite Engine on home consoles. The absence of the Frostbite engine means not having the new Active Touch System for ball control and le 50/50 Battles, introduced this year by the developers to have a more realistic experience in contrasts. Compared to last year, however, there is an improvement in the fluidity of the action, obviously enriched with some more animation. However, from the other versions of FIFA 19 the one for Nintendo Switch inherits the Timed finalization, through which it is possible to increase the accuracy of a shot at the net by pressing a second time the button of the shot at the right moment. In general, between arcade and simulation the needle of the balance of FIFA 19 on Nintendo Switch leans towards the first aspect, favoring the speed action versus reasoned football. Fast footballers thus know how to be more lethal in shots and changes of direction than what we have seen on PlayStation 4, probably responding to the desire to imprint a more immediate philosophy in the Nintendo Switch version. However, we would have liked a more likely pace for the development of the action. As for the controls, the small size of the Joy-Con are felt on more than one occasion, especially for those used to playing football titles with the pads of other consoles. From this point of view it can undoubtedly help the possession of a Pro Controller in the Nintendo Switch home setup. As for mobile games, unfortunately, you have to take into account some inaccurate passes or shots due to the wrong movement of the left lever. Artificial intelligence can still be improved, not at the level of the other versions of FIFA 19.

Graphics and sound

Like its predecessor, FIFA 19 focuses on fluidity and the ability to quickly switch between Nintendo Switch configurations. Playing on the home screen you can count on a resolution of 1080p, absolutely stable in the amount of frames per second and improved in the management of aliasing compared to last year. However, some trade-offs remain evident, fading in the transition to the console screen with a resolution of 720p. While it is clear that FIFA 19 for Nintendo Switch was conceived with mobility in mind, having the ability to re-enter from outside and complete the Champions League home without worries is undoubtedly the main point in favor of this version of the game. In general terms, obviously you shouldn't expect the depth of detail appreciated on the PlayStation 4: the most famous players are still made quite well, unlike the lesser known ones who in some cases do not look at all like their real counterpart. However, this is a historical issue of the series, and not of the version for Nintendo Switch. The sound also sees in this case the return of Pierluigi Pardo e Stefano Nava to the commentary, accompanied by phrases that directly bring into play the characteristics of the game on Nintendo Switch, bringing with them the usual list of strengths and weaknesses.

FIFA 19: the review of the Nintendo Switch version


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At the end of the review of FIFA 18 for Nintendo Switch we left with the hope of seeing a new chapter able to rival its "bigger" counterparts. While taking a few steps forward from a year ago, FIFA 19 proves that the times for such a thing are still too immature. The version of the game for Nintendo Switch is however appreciated for its dynamism, bringing with it an offer that is not complete but still abundant in terms of content. If you are dying to play virtual football but have no way to dedicate yourself to it when you are at home, it is practically mandatory to buy this version of FIFA 19.


  • Good amount of content, despite the cuts
  • Appreciated both at home and on the move
  • All the charm of the Champions League
  • Gameplay tendente all'arcade
  • A few too many shortcomings in FUT
  • Problems with collisions and artificial intelligence
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