Final Fantasy VII Remake available for free thanks to the Xbox Game Pass?

Final Fantasy VII Remake it is certainly a game that has caused discussion for better or for worse, but hardly anyone contradicts the fact that it is one of the most important nostalgic operations of recent years. Originally released March 2, 2020 as PlayStation 4 timeline exclusive, the work developed by Square Enix has brought to light one of the settings and some of the most loved characters of the entire videogame sector. Apparently the contract signed with Sony or now about to expire, so there are hopes in the landing on Xbox and PC of the product in question.

Some users even wish for the magical possibility of being able to see it within the vast catalog of the Xbox Game Pass for Microsoft consoles and computers. Many users have found this possible, thanks to a recent exchange of tweets between Microsoft and Square Enix regarding the franchise in question. To tell the truth, this simple social chat does not connect directly to the seventh chapter of the series, except for the quote from the song Cosmo Canyon of the original. There are even theories that hypothesized an announcement at the event that took place on February 13, 2021, or the concert Final Fantasy VII Remake Orchestra World Tour, but in the end nothing of the kind was communicated.

The arrival of Final Fantasy VII Remake on the Game Pass would surely be an important shot, which would once again show the power of Microsoft's service and how the company is keen to keep users active and consistent. Of course, all that we have described are simple theories and therefore to be taken absolutely on the pliers and not as an official announcement. The possibility is that the aforementioned work arrives on the Xbox Game Pass is not entirely unlikely, given the different chapters currently present in the service. In case you are interested in knowing our opinion on the work in question, we leave you the link to be able to read our review dedicated to the original version for PlayStation 4.

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